Writing Journey: Present

I’m skipping a couple stops in my writing Journey as I write this post, but I figured a quick update would be a good thing.

To start off, I thought I had a finished working draft of my Sci-Fi Destiny, but after some of my friends read it, it’s clear to me that it needs a little more work. Finger’s crossed that one more round of edits will be enough to polish up the story so I feel good about querying it.

The book is currently sitting at around 140K, and as much as I would LOVE to keep it that long, during those edits, I’m going to be looking at deleting roughly 40K – brb while I cry. Hopefully that will help make the story tighter and a little faster.

Those who have read it, have liked the story, – insert happy face here – so that’s a good thing!

On other writing news,  my most recent NaNoWriMo story has really inspired me, so I’ve been plotting and drafting a high fantasy. Plotting and outlining are so new to me, but I have a finished outline/plot for this high fantasy that spans *potentially* three books – I had a blast of productivity and inspiration and managed to outline the story in it’s entirety. So I’ve been slowly working on expanding the world, figuring out all it’s secrets.

On top of working on Destiny and the shiny new fantasy WIP – I started working on Destiny Book 2, and it’s been fun to work with the characters again.

Writing wise I’ve been busy, which has been a great feeling. While I’m enjoying working on all these projects my main focus is getting Destiny polished and ready for the real world.

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