Book Review: Royally Screwed

Royally ScrewedTitle: Royally Screwed

Author: Emma Chase

Pub. Date: October 18, 2016

Rating: ♥♥♥ – 3.75

Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco, aka “His Royal Hotness,” is wickedly charming, devastatingly handsome, and unabashedly arrogant―hard not to be when people are constantly bowing down to you.

Then, one snowy night in Manhattan, the prince meets a dark haired beauty who doesn’t bow down. Instead, she throws a pie in his face.

Nicholas wants to find out if she tastes as good as her pie, and this heir apparent is used to getting what he wants.

Dating a prince isn’t what waitress Olivia Hammond ever imagined it would be.
There’s a disapproving queen, a wildly inappropriate spare heir, relentless paparazzi, and brutal public scrutiny. While they’ve traded in horse drawn carriages for Rolls Royces and haven’t chopped anyone’s head off lately―the royals are far from accepting of this commoner.

But to Olivia―Nicholas is worth it.

Nicholas grew up with the whole world watching, and now Marriage Watch is in full force. In the end, Nicholas has to decide who he is and, more importantly, who he wants to be: a King… or the man who gets to love Olivia forever.

Okay, besides the plot, which I love, the cover is what drew me to this book. How could it not??

I loved this book! It was a fast, fun, easy read, and those kinds of books are just enjoyable to read.

This is a New Adult book. Just putting that out there, if the cover and title weren’t a big enough hint.

This book is set in a modern day world, where the country of Wessco exists, and it’s royal family shares power with a parliament of sorts, and are considered to be basically celebrities.

I loved Nicholas. I loved his internal dialogue. He was sassy and sarcastic, and funny as hell when he wanted to be. I felt more for him than I did Olivia, but that doesn’t mean all his actions were justified. Even with that being said, I actually liked him a lot more than Olivia.

Olivia kind of followed the same plot line that most girls have in these kinds of novels. They come from a working class family that has had some kind of tragedy befall them, in her case, a death. And in walks His Royal Hotness, Prince Nicholas, who tries to sweep her off her feet, because she’s so pretty.

Olivia doesn’t buy it, and rejects him, and Nicholas isn’t used to rejection, so he tries to win her over. In my opinion, he does it rather well, by first apologizing for his rude as hell behavior, and asks for her to allow him to take her out for dinner. She declines again, and then the next time he asks, she agrees. Suddenly Olivia is swept up by Nicholas, but it’s not just because he’s a prince, or because he’s hot, but because they actually have a lot in common.

Soon, her troubles aren’t at the forefront of her mind, and she’s living a rather extravagant life with the Prince of Wessco.

Just think of your typical Prince and Commoner story, and Royally Screwed is that. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a common story line, that always ends with a happily ever after.

I did appreciate that it wasn’t insta-love in the sense that after the second date they were in love, and knew that they were each other’s soulmates. It kind of comes across that way in the book, but months pass very quickly, and they are together for five months before they even say “I love you”. I’m not a huge fan of insta-love in contemporaries regardless of whether they are YA or NA, so five months is really nice.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book as a quick, run read, and I already have Royally Matched (book 2) which follows Nicholas’s younger brother, and Royally Endowed (book 3) which follows one of Nicholas’s body guards, in my Amazon cart, so you know I’ll be buying those soon.

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