February TBR

It’s late, I know. I’m sorry.


I’ve already read TWO BOOKS.

-Hunting Prince Dracula – Kerri Maniscalco

-The Great Hunt – Wendy Higgins

We’re only eight days into the month, and I have two books knocked out already! (I’ll have reviews going up soon).

I want so desperately to put down all the books I want to read, but I do work, and one of those is a 700+ page book, so I need to be realistic.

Crap. Now I have to choose.

In no particular order…or maybe I will read them in this order…that method has worked for me in the past. Anyways, here are the physical books I want to read.

Zenith – Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

Quick side note – back in December I was approved to read this novel early. Thrilled, I dowloaded it, and read it, and honestly was less than impressed – the book felt severely unfinished, almost like I was missing half the book. Now fast forward to its release. I’m in Barnes and Nobles looking at it, and I decide to open it up to see the end of the book. TURNS OUT THE DOWNLOAD I RECEIVED (FROM A REPUTABLE SOURCE NO LESS) CONTAIN LEGITIMATELY HALF OF THE BOOK. The document that I had containing Zenith ended at Chapter 41, basically the middle of the book. I was missing almost 60% of the entire novel.

So, needless to say, I’ll be rereading this book.

-Heart of the Empire – Carrie Summers

This is another high fantasy that follows Savra, a miner on a remote coast of the Atal Empire who is torn from her home, and her destiny becomes so much more than just being a miner. It also follows Kostan, an imperial Scion being groomed to ascend to the throne. Savra fears that she carries her father’s rebel blood, and Kostan despises everything the Empire he’s groomed to rule stands for. In an Empire that is crumbling and dividing around them, they can save it, if they can bridge the divide separating them.

-Moonlight Sins – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Anything JLA puts out, I read. It sounds like a dark, sexy mystery, and I’m here for it.

-Brave – Jennifer L. Armentrout

I loved the first two books in the Wicked Trilogy, and the final one has been sitting on my shelf for weeks now, and I need to read it. Time to go hang out with Tink again.

By Dark Deeds – Miranda Honfleur

This is a brick of a book, but I cannot wait to get back into this world, and read about Reille and Jon. It’s book 2 to Blade & Rose, and I cannot wait!


When I’m at work, I tend to listen to audiobooks on Audible, and it’s such a great way for me to basically read all day. I usually only listen to the audiobooks while I’m at work. The only issue is that I tend to choose them kind of as I go, kind of depending on what I just listened to. So I don’t think I can put any titles down definitively that I want to read this month. Whatever I do end up listening to, will be wrapped up in my February Wrap up!


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