Movie Review: The Space Between Us

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie when it came out, and my first thought was, I want to see that! Of course, none of my friends wanted to see it, and life got busy, so I never ended up seeing it in theaters. Who knew Mordred was a martian? (Watch Merlin if you haven’t already.)

The Space Between Us

Gardner Elliot, the first human born on Mars, begins an online friendship with Tulsa, a teen in Colorado. On his maiden voyage to Earth, the 16-year-old finally gets to experience all the joys and wonders of a world he could only read about. Problems arise when scientists discover that Gardner’s organs can’t withstand the atmosphere. United with Tulsa and on the run, the interplanetary visitor races against time to unravel the mysteries of how he came to be, and where he belongs in the universe.

I’m a sucker for anything science fiction, and this was such a feel good movie, even though problems arise for Gardner that severely threaten him. He’s on a journey to experience life on Earth, meet (in person) Tulsa, and find his dad.

I loved the way the movie was shot, all the colors were so vivid, and saturated, making everything so beautiful and bright.

Like with any movie that follows two teenagers around, it can feel a little unrealistic at points, but for this movie, I think it helps sell the story. It’s Gardner’s first time on Earth, so of course he should experience as much of it as he can. So there are plan rides, stealing cars, driving out into the desert, and carrying on.

I thought Asa Butterfield portrayed someone who had never seen Earth before really well. The wonder, and euphoria that is so clearly evident on his face as he takes everything is adorable. It made me want to find a friend and go on a road trip.

It got a little predictable towards the end, when you find out who Gardner’s father is, but that’s not really a huge deal breaker for me.

This a pretty brief review, but overall, I really enjoyed this movie, and would definitely watch it again. Personally, I would rate it a 7.5/10, but I’m a huge sucker for anything SF or remotely SF, so…


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