Upload Change

When I first started blogging again, I was really enjoying it. I was constantly reading books, and wanting to discuss them.

But things have slowed down….a whole lot.

Now uploading everyday is starting to feel like a chore, rather than something I actually enjoy doing – which is probably why I’m writing up all my posts after midnight just so that they can go up by 10 AM.

I’m not enjoying it anymore.

So, I’m not going to upload everyday, take away some of the stress that has been piling up. I don’t want to say I’m “taking a break” or “going on hiatus” but my uploads will probably be more sporadic. I’ll get some books read, some writing done, and come back – but I’ll probably only upload a few times a week, instead of everyday.

I don’t want this space to feel like a chore or obligation. I want to post on here, because I genuinely am excited to post about a book I loved, or writing tip, or anything. As of right now, I’m constantly scrambling for something to write about and get posted.

The funny thing is, I never intended to keep posting every day Monday-Friday, but then I started liking having a post go up everyday. What was once fun, has started to become tedious.

I’ll be back soon, with more book reviews and writing insights!

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