Book News! Arcana Chronicles Final Book!

From the Grave(I wish this were a post about personal book news – i.e. I’m getting published or something, but sadly it’s not. One day. One day it will be!)

But this is just a quick post, because I got an awesome email in my inbox, and it got me really excited!

I’ve now done two posts on this blog about Kresley Cole and the Arcana Chronicles my latest being a review about The Dark Calling, but today I got an email that had the cover and the title of the final book in the series!


*insert screaming here*


From the Grave is the final book in the Arcana Chronicles AND



Here’s a screen shot of the email I got!


Are you #TeamJack OR #TeamDeath?

If you haven’t picked these books up yet, I definitely recommend you do! So far, I’d give the series as a whole a 4/5 stars.

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