Book Review: Rise of the Storm

Rise of the stormTitle: Rise of the Storm

Author: Carrie Summers
Pub. Date: October 11, 2017

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ – 4.5

Two prophecies. Two heroes. Only one can be right.
Kostan sits upon a splintering throne. Savra huddles in a makeshift cell, awaiting the judgment of those she betrayed. The land grows dark with the blood of Prov and Atal alike.

But beyond the human struggles, a graver threat looms. Aided by the rogue mage, Havialo, the Breaking strains at the bones of the Empire. As the land shatters, a dark tide rises.

Two prophecies offer slim hopes for humanity. One names Savra as the Empire’s savior. The other envisions Kostan leading the war against the darkness. Both can’t be right. But if the coming war decides who survives, humanity may find it has murdered its last hope.

This will be a non-spoiler review.

This is the second book to the Broken Lands Series, and it picks up right where the first one left off. Kostan has ascended and is working hard to give the Provs their space. He offers them resources and aid, but they refuse. This backfires on him and while he struggles to rule over Atal, Savra is being held captive by Storm Shard to answer for her actions in saving Kostan.

Neither are sure of their futures, but they are fighters. Savra delves deeper into her power, Kostan realizes that he can’t be the ruler he wants to be, and Havialo is set on brining the Empire to its knees no matter the cost.

Rise of the Storm was just as good the first book Heart of the Empire, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved seeing how both Savra and Kostan grew as characters, and how no matter what, they continued to face down adversity.

So much happens in this book, but at the same time, it felt like a traditional middle-of-a-trilogy book which is just going to set up for the epic finale in the last book. If you’re looking for an action packed, character growth, plot-driven novel, with a hint of romance, then you want to check this out. Carrie Summer’s has such a way of creating this fantastical world and it’s so easy to get lost in it. She had me on the edge of my seat more than once during this book.

Savra never gives up, she fights for herself, her father, Kostan, and Storm Shard. She fights because if she doesn’t, that’s it, game over. Kostan is busy trying to rule the Empire, but rule it differently than his predecessors, and it’s not going well. With the weight of the impending doom of Atal, he does all he can to keep the Heart on the Throne.

Havialo is hell bent on tearing the Empire apart and will stop at nothing. His actions bring all the characters together, and what Kostan fears, may come to pass if they don’t succeed.

If you like Heart of the Empire, you need to read this and find out what happens next. Savra and Kostan’s fight is just getting started. Facing off against enemies is hard but facing off against friends – that might be impossible. Find out in Fate of the Drowned whether or not the two of them can save the Empire or lead it to catastrophic ruin. The fate of everyone’s lives are in their hands.

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