Another “Get to Know Me”

It’s been miserable where I live – brutally humid and hot, and there few days that are sunny, while the rest are rainy and gross. My point is, this humidity is kicking my butt and I’m tired – brain capacity is sitting at maybe 50%.

I’m also busy writing, and editing, and now trying to plan a trip to Scotland – which is happening, I just have to figure out what we’re doing once we get there. So, lots on my plate, with like no energy to do any of them.

My latest contemporary WIP is almost at 7,000 words – the words are just flowing, but it’s not the story I envisioned. I needed to get words on the page, so I’m letting the story just…flow. I’m pantsing it, and characters aren’t who I thought they were, and there are two characters who have appeared that I didn’t even know needed or wanted to be a part of this story.

Let’s get onto the actual purpose of this post, another round of questions, which will hopefully give you insight into who I am. I initially saw this on Twitter but couldn’t find the source. It was one of those – 1 like = 1 answer things – but that’s not how I’m doing this. I’m just going to answer them.

I’ll post a picture of the questions and just answer them below.


Here we go!

  1. Besides Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR, or any Disney movies – probably Alls Faire in Love – it never ceases to bore me and whenever I’m in a bad mood it always cheers me up.
  2. Ooooo, I don’t know…probably Wicked – Broadway soundtrack. I was obsessed as a younger child…and if not that, then probably Avril Lavigne
  3. Besides HP – The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I’m still annoyed that the rest of that series isn’t out, and I doubt it ever will be.
  4. Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Farscape, Doctor Who, Merlin – if you like sci-fi you definitely want to check out the first three shows. SO GOOD. Pissed that they aren’t on Prime anymore and the only place you can stream them is on Hulu with freaking commercials. No thanks.
  5. Shit, this is hard. Um, I actually have no idea. I honestly don’t think I could choose just one….Um, I’m trying to think. WAIT. Peter Pan. I know he’s not really good, and maybe you shouldn’t mee your idols/fave characters because they might tarnish your opinion on them, but my final answer is Peter Pan.
  6. Hmmm, one celebrity – I’m going to choose two, just because without them I don’t think I would love reading and writing as much as I do today. So, J.K. Rowling and Christopher Paolini. If you’re looking for a movie celebrity, then Chris Evans. I love Cap. Or David Tennant or Matt Smith…
  7. Agh, and I thought the last two questions were hard. Um, Lewis and Clark. That’s two, uh, H.G. Wells. Queen Elizabeth, um, gosh this is hard. I don’t really have historical figures that I look up to. I’m gonna just leave it at those four.
  8. Oh shit. Um…I was about to say that I don’t really have just one main one, but that’s a lie. Theo James. Hands down. If he ever walked up to me and told me to run away with him, bye, see y’all later.
  9. My dad usually. We have a very similar sense of humor, which tends to annoy the crap out of my mom.
  10. That’s assuming I’m awake. Ha. Uh, usually water and then coffee. I’m the furthest thing away from a morning person, and when I am up, I don’t usually like eating or drinking anything too heavy, because then I don’t feel good. But if not coffee then just water. I’ll drink coffee for the rest of the day though.
  11. Apple.
  12. Fictional? Audrey Rose Wadsworth. IRL? Kate Middleton, so I could be a Princess for one day.
  13. Where wouldn’t I go? Potentially Rome, or Garmisch (southern Germany) or Australia.
  14. Well it depends on brand, and where/how its made. Carton: either coffee or vanilla. Fresh: chocolate or cinnamon
  15. Fall – I hate being hot and humid, so once that breaks, and the air is cool, but the sun is still warm, and the leaves have fallen on the ground, that’s my favorite. Chunky sweaters, combat boots and hot coffee.
  16. Freshly mowed grass in the summer, being watered by a hose. Hands down favorite natural scent. But from Bath and Body – it was called Frosted Cranberry, and then it turned into Twinkling Cranberry and then Winterberry Wonder, but it’s now retired, and I can’t get it anywhere. I’m annoyed.
  17. You can’t go wrong with Spaghetti and meat sauce, but I love
  18. If I’m not reading or painting or writing (though that can sometimes be hella stressful) then crocheting. Especially in the winter. I can plop down on the sofa, put a show or movie on and just start working on a blanket, or scarf.
  19. I didn’t have one.
  20. In recent years I’ve picked up Lex, but only certain people use it. I still mainly go by Alexa. Don’t ask me to play a song. It got old the first time I heard that.
  22. You know, this isn’t something I’ve really thought about. I honestly don’t know. And I don’t know if that means my expectations are too high, or too low. I’d just want to enjoy myself and feel comfortable.
  23. Yep, though I don’t think I could ever live on it/near it. I like it as vacation, an escape.
  24. I love the idea/concept of Victorian London, but I’d probably hate it, but to be around when the Space Race first started in the late 1950’s in the US, I’ve always wished I could have been there. Or to see North America the way Lewis and Clark did when they first got here. Untouched, wild, vast and unknowing. It must’ve been absolutely breath taking.
  25. If I’m really stress usually just scrolling through social media can sometimes unwind me – it takes my mind off whatever is stressing me. A good movie, a walk, a hot shower. Though like I mentioned earlier, Alls Faire in Love always cheers me up.
  26. Nerds or dark chocolate. Depends on the kind of mood I’m in. I like chocolate, but I’m definitely more of candy person.
  27. K. Rowling and Christopher Paolini. There are a bunch of other authors and creators that do inspire me, but I will forever credit those two for igniting my love for books and writing.
  28. Hell Yes. I don’t want to be cliché and say Phantom, especially since I’ve never actually seen in live. There are just so many, but I guess the one I go back to time and time again is Wicked, but that doesn’t feel like the right answer either. Hmmm. Newsies. The music for that show is utterly fantastic.
  29. Sprite, Ginger Ale or Fanta.
  30. Ugh, um. I’m going to be basic and say Harry Potter. I know I would have read stuff before that, but I can’t remember if any of them were my favorites.

30 questions. WHY do I think these things are going to be easier than just writing a review? You don’t have an answer, neither do I. I do like how this one doesn’t solely revolve around books and/or writing. This one was a little more rounded out.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this, feel free to answer any of these questions, and if you feel inspired to do this on your blog, comment and tag me! I’d love to see your answers!

It’s now time for me to bow out, and head to bed! I can hear my pillow calling my name.

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