NaNoWriMo Weekly Update #1

img_1794I’m still not really sure how it’s already November, but here we are. Halloween was last night and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, with Christmas just behind that, and then it will be 2019. This year has weirdly flown by, but before we get to any of those events, NaNoWriMo started today and I’m off to a really good start! It’s exciting!

But give me two weeks and I’ll probably feel drained, and skipping a day or two or three will become the bane of my existence and I will hate the past me for procrastinating. So I’m going to try to push ahead so if i do skip a day down the road, it won’t (hopefully) cost me so much.

Over on my Instagram – I’ll be posting these daily updates to my Story, and I’ll be adding them to a highlight on my page. I’ll also try and get some shots of me actually working and not spending all my time on Twitter…

But I’m really happy with what I was able to get written today, and I’m actually looking forward to sitting down and write more tomorrow!

(On a brief non-NaNo note – I also finished revising/editing the first three chapters of my SF WIP – they had been giving me a lot of trouble, and I wasn’t ever happy with the results, but now I am, and I was able to get rid of 3,722 words in total from those chapters! I’ve done all the writing today!)

I also just wanted to pop on here real quick as a reminder that I’ll only be uploading on Fridays during November. Most likely I’ll be writing these posts Thursday night, prior to Friday morning’s upload, so with this being the first * tiny * update, the schedule will go like this

Update 1 – will cover Nov. 1 progress / posted on Nov 2

Update 2 – will cover Nov 2 – Nov 8 progress / posted on Nov 9

Update 3 – will cover Nov 9 – Nov 15 progress / posted on Nov 16

Update 4 – will cover Nov 16 – Nov 22 progress / posted on Nov 23

Update 5 – will cover Nov 23 – Nov 29 progress / tbd

I’m not sure yet if I will post Update 5 on Nov 30, or if I’ll post it the following Monday (December 3) as the final Update for all of NaNoWriMo, since that Friday will be the last day of the event. We will see.

**I’m going to schedule this post and do a little bit of reading! I’m finally on Empire of Storms in my Throne of Glass Series re-read, which means I’m one book closer to Kingdom of Ash!


With Halloween was last night, and for the first time in three years I * wasn’t * a Zombie, or trying to be one, yet, apparently the way I did my make up confused a lot of children.

What I was actually trying to go for was a look inspired by this look that Mykie (Glam&Gore) did in one of her Haunted Halloween Series. I’m supposed to look badly sunburned, but apparently I just looked like the walking dead.

You can watch her Haunted Halloween Series  here.

I’ve been watching her channel for a few years now, and wouldn’t know how to do any of this stuff without her tutorials.

Halloween was fun, and now all the decorations are put away, but that just means it’s closer to making my house look like Christmas threw up all over and in it, and I cannot wait!

If you’re doing NaNoWriMo – what genre is your WIP? Let me know down below!

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