NaNoWriMo Update #3

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 2.03.54 AMIt’s Day 15 as I write this – the half way mark. November is already half over, and Thanksgiving is next week. I cannot wait for all the food, especially the homemade mash potatoes and the stuffing, both smothered in homemade gravy…I’m already drooling just thinking about it.

Honestly, I could care less about the actual turkey.

Half way done and I’m at 43,364 words.


I honestly don’t know how I’m so far ahead – other than the obvious – I’m writing. I sit at my desk or on the couch, with a cup of coffee or Starbucks next to me, with my one of my two favorite candles burning (Frosted Cranberry / Spiced Apple Toddy from Bath and Body Works) and I write.

Though to be fair, I do spend quite a bit of time on Twitter tweeting about writing…it’s the main reason why I’m always up late getting my words in.

Daily Stats:

I haven’t yet made Day 15’s stat pic, so that will be in next weeks update.

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I did hit a snag this week though, and for two days I didn’t get many words down and the words I did write weren’t good ones. I’m not saying that all my words had been good up until that point, but the ones I was putting on the page were useless filler crap.

So, I ended up making the choice to skip ahead a few scenes. I realized really early on while working on this project that my characters didn’t want to play by the outline I set – this is why I rarely outline (in full) any of my projects. I’ve talked about this before, but I’m a pantser by nature when it comes to writing. I usually have an idea of the beginning, middle and end of whatever story I want to tell, and I maybe have a couple key points or scenes I want to include, but usually I just go wherever the story wants to take me.

Sometimes this means writing a lot of extra words that have to come out at the end. It works for me, even though on some base level it drives me nuts because it’s always easier to add more than take away. My writing method is backwards, what can I say.

As I was saying, my characters very early on started making choices that I hadn’t planned on. This could be because I didn’t really know my characters, didn’t know their voices or how they would react in any given situation. Since I’m now 40k+ into this story, I have a much better sense of who they are, and surprisingly the choices they have made have actually added a lot of twists to the plot and it think it works in favor of the story I want to tell. Granted this is only the first draft and it’s nowhere near perfect, and there are a bunch of inconsistencies, but it that’s okay.

So, I ended up skipping ahead to when my two MCs have started their journey/quest. My choices were to skip ahead a few scenes, or stay stuck, writing useless words in a section of story that needs to be completely overhauled before it makes any sense. The words started flowing almost immediately and my daily word count went from a few hundred a day, back into the thousands. I’ve hit the climax of my book, now it’s all about trying to save the court, get my antagonist to pay.

Strangely enough, my antagonist, villain character has been the easiest and most fun character to write. Her voice has come so naturally – I don’t know what that says about me – and I can clearly picture her in my head. I’m still a little fuzzy on her backstory, but it’s becoming more and more clear as I write her. Again, this all ties back into these characters making their own choices. They are proving to not be the characters I outlined them to be.

I’m excited to keep writing and working on this story, and with the next update I should have hit 50k. My plan is to keep writing until the end of the month even after I reach that mark. I really want to try and get as much of this story down on paper before November is over. My goal is 80-85k total, but I might try and shoot for 70-75k for this first draft, so I have room to add. I definitely don’t want to go too high over the 80-85k because I don’t want to have to spend massive amounts of time getting rid of words.

I could probably keep talking about how writings been going for pages, but I’m going to cut myself off here. This is already proving to be a longer post than I anticipated it being. And just like last week, here are some of the ‘peeks’ I’ve shared on Twitter and Instagram.




How’s your NaNoWriMo progress going? Let me know below!

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