First Post of 2019

It’s January 7th and I’ve procrastinated long enough.

I mean, I’d totally procrastinate some more, but that does nobody any good.

I created a new “Books Read in 2019” shelf instead of writing blog posts. (and writing)img_2555

(Also I wish my shelves looked this organized in real life.)

So here I am, writing another brief update for this blog. But I have news! I swear it, that on Thursday, I will be uploading my MOST ANTICIPATED 2019 BOOKS. I’m saying that now, and posting it now, so that I have to be held accountable!

I’ve been thinking about how to actually do this post because it’s LONG. So, what I think I’m going to do is split it up a little bit. The second half will go up the following Tuesday.

I’m going to do one massive list, and then some quarterly ones. The massive one will cover the whole year – and if it’s missing books because (maybe) I don’t know about them, or missed them, then the quarterly ones should catch them. The quarterly ones will also contain books that I’m excited for but might not have read the previous book to. (I felt bad putting them on my Most Anticipated when I hadn’t read the first/previous book).

That’s the other thing. I’m switching to posting 2x a week – Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

I’m still in a semi-reading slump, which means I’m not reading and have nothing to review. Yay me. *sobbing quietly in the background*

I’ve been working on revising my SF manuscript – actually just finished another chapter, and I’ve started my annual “New Year’s Resolutions: Get Exercising” so right now, I’ve got a planner (that I’m actively using to hold me accountable) and I’ve made myself daily to-do lists.

I’m going to end this post here, and since I’ve done my revisions, I’m going to go watch Netflix or something.

See you Thursday!

📚 Currently Reading: Pure – Jennifer L. Armentrout (reread)

📺 Currently Watching: Grey’s Anatomy (rewatch)

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