Book Signing: Brigid Kemmerer & Jennifer L. Armentrout

img_2864It was so nice seeing both of these wonderful ladies again – and I’m so thankful to be able to consider them friends and mentors. I look up to both of them, and love all of their books.

I also want to thank the Connie Morella Library in Bethesda, Maryland for hosting the event, and Politics and Prose for providing the copies of A Curse so Dark and Lonely a day early (official release date is January 29, 2019 – tomorrow!)

It’s been about a year since I’d seen Jen, and a few months since Brigid, but being able to catch up for a few minutes was wonderful. Even more exciting, I’ll be seeing them again in March for Apollycon in DC!

img_2865They both talked about their recent releases, as well as their upcoming ones. Brigid talked about A Curse so Dark and Lonely and her June release Call It What You Want, while Jen talked about The Darkest Star, Moonlight Scandals (out January 29, 2019) and her June release Storm and Fury.

They spoke about book covers, least and favorites – Brigid: The Elemental Series & A Curse so Dark and Lonely / Jen: The Darkest Star & Storm and Fury; about which books (that they wrote) are their least favorites – Brigid: Thicker than Water / Jen – The Gamble Brother Series; how they balance writing and their home lives; what they think about reviews.

They also talked about how they name characters, what was the last good book they read, and last favorite show/movie they watched. They talked about how they both had issues with Bird Box and discussed it at length. 😂

Overall, it was a fun signing and I really enjoyed getting to see them again.


Now, I’m going to shove all these books back onto my shelves, which are already pretty full.

For Brigid – I own multiple copies and I love them all – though not pictured: ACSDAL ARC / UK LTTL ARC / CIWYW

And for Jen, I keep having to find new ways to shelve her books, because there are just so many of them and of course I have to own all of them, and some of them in multiple forms. img_2870

Not pictured: The Darkest StarDeity

I want all the new covers for her books, so I don’t know what I’m going to do about shelf space.🙈

I’m going to sit down and start reading Call It What You Want – Brigid passed along an ARC of it, and I’m so incredibly excited that I get to read it early! Thanks Brigid!img_2867



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