We are veering FAR AWAY from books for this post. Because I have a question? A fear? A desire for you to dream analyze me? Whatever it is, Google didn’t really help me.

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I have pretty weird dreams sometimes, hell, they’re what give me most of my story ideas, so I’m all for weird dreams, but this one dream, it confuses me.

It’s never the exact same dream, but the premise is reoccurring, and I’m going to take you through two very vivid scenarios, and then I’ll tell you what Google suggested to me as an answer. I don’t think the analysis of these dreams is very deep for me, I think it’s just a regular ol’ fear, but I’m interested in what you think. So, feel free in the comments to give me your wildest, outlandish theories or explanations for why I keep having these kinds of dreams. I want to hear them!

Let me preface this by saying this has NEVER happened to me, or anyone I know, which is why I believe it to just be a fear playing itself out in my subconscious.

Dream #1: this happened a few months ago

It’s autumn, and leaves crunched under my boots as I walked out of the English Department Building on University of Maryland Baltimore County’s campus. It had been a long day and I was beyond ready to go home. Having been here since 7:30 AM, I was exhausted, and my brain hurt and the feeling of being done for the day was a relief. I started down the hill towards my car. Why the school needed to be built on a hill was beyond me. Though, walking down it was infinitely easier than walking up it every morning, because of course, the English Department was situated at the very top.

I plugged in my headphones and started listening to music as I crunched through more leaves and passed other students. It would take me another ten minutes to reach my car, so I picked up my pace, wanting to get home faster.

 I walked for what felt like forever, not finding my car where I parked it initially and panic starts filling my chest, a tight fluttery feeling that made my breath catch in my throat and my hands start trembling. Where was my car? I walked around, up and down isles until I saw the tailgate of my Red Volvo. I let out a sigh of relief and walked over to it. My steps faltered as I got a good look at it. Something was off, the driver side door hung at an odd angle, like someone had tried to rip it off its hinges. Then I looked at the rest of the car, and evidence of destruction was everywhere. It was as if The Hulk had gotten angry at my car. The passenger side door was hanging by a few wires, and the sun roof had been peeled back like paint peeling off a wall. I gingerly opened the trunk and my dog, was asleep curled in the back. I didn’t understand how he had gotten here, I wouldn’t have brought him to school with me and left him in my car all day. Autumn in Maryland meant that it could be freezing or still feel like the dead heat of summer, and today was the latter.

 I fumbled for my phone calling my parents, telling them everything that I was seeing.

Then I woke up.

Even reading it back, it still makes no sense to me. Even my college’s campus had been laid out differently, and I didn’t notice all the damage until I really looked at it.

Dream #2: this happened last week.

I lived at the grocery store. I was always coming over to the one across the street from my house, because family members eat bananas like their monkeys. It’s a little ridiculous. As I left the store, I pushed my cart past these two little boys, no parents in sight and time seemed to slow a little bit as one of them caught my eye. I blinked and time resumed at a normal speed. I cursed under my breath as I stepped hard, into a puddle and my shoe soaked through. I looked back and the two little boys were gone. Well, that’s weird. I shook my head and walked around my car, stopping mid step.

 Why…why was my back tire on the driver’s side sitting away from my car – not attached to my car. My heart leapt into my throat, and my breath started getting ragged. I looked around the parking lot, trying to find the person or persons who did this, but there was no one. The parking lot was basically empty except for a few empty cars, their owners inside the store. I opened the truck to pull out the tools I would need to replace the tire to my car but pulling up the trunk floor revealed that the tools weren’t where they were supposed to be. Panicking, I called my mom, knowing full well that a call to AAA would be a better use of my time, and asked her what I should do.

After placing the groceries into the trunk – because what else was I supposed to do, I maneuvered the tire back over to the car and stuck it back where it was supposed to be. At least this way, it could support the car, even if I couldn’t drive it anywhere.

Sighing, I sat in the driver’s seat, waiting for AAA to show up, and that’s when I notice that something is wrong. My parking break is gone. As is my phone charger that is ALWAYS plugged in. Upon closer inspection my stereo is also missing, replaced by a solid piece of plastic, the speakers in the doors are gone, and with a quick jerk, I saw that my glove box was emptied for everything but my old campus parking passes. I checked the middle console and CDs and tissues and other odds, and ends were still contained within it.

It made no sense. Who would steal a parking break? That struck me the oddest. I could understand stealing the car charger, and maybe my stereo, but it wasn’t like my car was a brand-new model. It was old, out of date. The stereo wasn’t even Bluetooth capable. It was 2007 Volvo Station Wagon. My brain flashed back to those two little boys, but I shook my head. No way.

Then I woke up. I still don’t know how to explain this one. I’m at a loss.

I’m also going to preface this next part with, I don’t ascribe to horoscopes or dream analysis very often, or at all for that matter. I take it with a HUGE grain of salt. So, the explanations I got, I don’t necessarily believe them. Usually these kinds of things are just vague enough that the reader (me) can attach any kind of meaning to them, and have it work. I’m not bashing people who do believe these kinds of explanations.

Now, as for what Google provided me as an explanation: Here

 The dream about your car being broken into and parts being stolen means that someone has taken advantage of you in a certain way”

 “Having your car being vandalized in the dream means that someone might be hurting your outward image.”

I don’t think either of these explanations fit. After some inward retrospection, I’m pretty positive that neither of these are the reason, at least not to my knowledge. Maybe someone out there is bad mouthing me or taking advantage of me, but I’m not sure.

Since I didn’t buy into either of those explanations, I clicked on another link and this is what I read.

“Many people see their cars as being extensions of them. They think that if their car is being broken into, that someone has just seen them at their very core and has formed judgments about them. Even if nothing is taken from the car, the mere fact that it was broken into brings a feeling of powerlessness along with it. If only you had been there, you could have prevented it. If only you had done one thing differently you wouldn’t have been in this situation, if only you had parked across the street instead of right in front of the store. The list of if only goes on a long way and ends nowhere. You can’t keep telling yourself “if only this, if only that” all day long. It will do you no good and only serve to make you feel worse about it. This is what would happen if your car were actually broken into.”

“Even more likely, something happened that was totally out of your control and it lead to an undesired result for you, and now you are feeling the aftereffects of this violation.”

While, I still don’t buy into this explanation, I can ~ kind of ~ see how it could apply.

Recently I lost my best friend – no she didn’t die or anything – but she decided that our friendship wasn’t worth her time or energy, because (her words) “I think we’ve just become different people with different interests and don’t see our friendship going any further”. Over a decade of friendship done, just like that, as if it were a business arrangement being terminated. And it wasn’t for a lack of me constantly trying. She gave up, I didn’t, so of course I took it really hard. I try not to think about it, because it still hurts, but it does crop up from time to time, so it wouldn’t surprise me if my subconscious is using my dreams to deal with it.

“When you dream that your car has been broken into it is because you feel like you have been violated. This is the only answer to a dream like this, (unless it really is a deep seated fear that you have of your physical car being broken into).”

More than likely, this is what these dreams are. It’s terrifying thinking that someone might break into your car, or even steal it. I don’t ever want to have to deal with that. I also think that part of the fear is the bill that will come with a break in / stealing.

Well, that’s it for my weird dreams…well not really, I have tons of weird dreams, so if you want to hear more about them, let me know in the comments! Also let me know what you think of these two dreams, or tell me about a weird dream you had, a reoccurring theme, or just any dream you think is interesting! I’d love to hear about them. I guess my subconscious is just a weird place, but as long as it continues to give me story ideas, I’ll let it be.

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