Chosen Champion Cover Reveal!


Time for another cover reveal for a new Elise Kova book!

It’s so excited being back in the world of Air Awakens. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s one of my all time favorite fantasy series, and the fact that there are new books makes me so excited!


A princess on the run, with enemies on all sides…

Vi Solaris is on the eve of getting everything she’s ever wanted – her family, her home, her throne – and to save the world she’s going to have to give it all up. 

The Empire sees her as their Crown Princess, returning at long last. But Vi only sees visions of fate guiding her to the world’s gruesome end. Across the sea is a man who holds the keys to deciphering her premonitions and thwarting the ancient evil ravaging their world. But to get to him, Vi will have to contend with enemies of the crown, romance she didn’t expect, sorcerer pirates, and a betrayal she never saw coming. 

she will learn the hard way that some evils never die…They only bide their time…

So, without further ado –

Chosen Champion Final Cover 72

It’s gorgeous! It’s out May 1st, 2019 – plenty of time to read Vortex Visions if you haven’t already!

I’m so excited to read it!

I have some other information for you as well –

You can PRE-ORDER Chosen Champion here – make note that it’s only currently available as an eBook through Amazon

But don’t fret! If you have a nook or kobo you can purchase through Amazon, then email Elise proof of purchase at and she will send you a personalized “read anywhere” link just for you!

If you haven’t already, you can purchase book 1 – Vortex Visions here – in preparation for Chosen Champion. It’s not necessary, but if you haven’t, you should also check out the initial series, Air Awakens! See how it all started!

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

You can enter a GIVEAWAY to win a signed hardcover of Vortex Visions! Make sure you go enter!

*Genres: YA, Epic Fantasy, Sword&Sorcery, Fantasy Romance, Coming of Age 

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