Writing Update #2

*Edit: I completely forgot to upload this last month, so here you go, over a month late. This is also go up the same day as Writing Update #3, so you can head on over to there once you finish this – if you want! 

This is going to be super brief.

Also, I didn’t stick to my own schedule. (This post was supposed to go up March 26, but I forgot).

To be completely honest – this won’t be much of an update, since I didn’t do much work on my WIP.

Somehow, blogging (posting 2x a week) has taken over my life?? I’m not upset about it, but that’s the truth.

I know my focus should be on my WIP – I know this, but recently I’ve been feeling a little creatively drained.

Now, I love the revising/editing process of writing. It’s where I can really get the story where I want it to be and get it polished. But I also don’t feel all that creative during that part of the process. For me, the words are already there, and I’m just tweaking. I feel the most creative when I’m starting with a completely blank page, with a new idea.

Some may disagree with me, hell, I disagree with me – to an extent.

I know I’m also procrastinating in the editing/revisions department. I know what scenes need to be removed, I know what needs to be added, and I KNOW that unless I put my butt in a chair and make those changes nothing will happen, but can my book edit itself?

Also, I’m not going to lie, the constant reminders and pricking nags from family members about finishing it doesn’t help.

In order to sort of combat this feeling of lacking creativity I’ve been trying to just write a little something fun every day, and it’s kind of working – I still wish my book would just edit itself, but my goal starting in April (which is tomorrow as I’m writing this post) is to get back into editing/revising because my WIP needs to be done.

I know this wasn’t much of an interesting update, but it is what it is, and I’m trying to be honest. My plan was to use this as an accountability method – clearly, it’s working well.

Anyways, until next month – hopefully that update is…well more.

What are some ways you combat feeling creatively drained?

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