Writing Update #3

Okay, so I thought I had one of these for March, but apparently, I didn’t write one…or so I thought, I’m just dumb and never actually posted it! But I wrote it, and it’s now uploaded, and you can read it here. I guess the good thing is that, it wasn’t super informative.

But there is good news!

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I finally got past the chapter I’ve been stuck on. Earlier this year, I found a glaring plot issue, and have been struggling to fix it. I’ve since fixed it – I think – I won’t really know until I read it all the way through with all the revisions. Upon fixing that issue, I ran into another, much smaller one. For weeks I’ve been struggling with this new chapter that I’ve had to write. I know what needs to happen in it, and that’s not the problem. The problem is the start of the chapter. I haven’t been able to find the right words, the right feel, the right impact, and that’s recently changed.

I’ve figured it out! I found the tone, the voice and feeling I’ve been searching for. The words are finally right…hopefully I haven’t just jinxed myself. * knocks on wood *

I finally feel like I’m making progress again and it’s great. I think I can partially thank FARSCAPE for that. (not that it’s directly inspired my new beginning) but immersing myself into a sci-fi that I absolutely love and inspired my urge to write a sci-fi set on a spaceship and being thrown out of your element, has gotten my creativity going again and reignited my love for the world I’ve created and these characters.

I was feeling burned out and like a failure, but those awful feelings have started to dissipate and the love for these characters and this story has come back. I guess I just needed to be reminded as to why I love sci-fi and FARSCAPE does that every single time I watch it. It’s everything I want in a sci-fi, in a story – hell, I wish I had written it. Lol

You might be asking, why I didn’t just push past and put words on the page…some kind of crucial threads have to be in this scene, my MC overhears a conversation and the scene needed to be right. I’m not saying that the scene is 100% complete, or not going to need some edits/revisions, but after weeks of trying to get it right, I finally feel like I have. It’s a great feeling and I’m just going with it. Because I’ll be honest, if I don’t take this and go with it, then I’ll probably just keep sitting on it for even more time.

I can make excuses for forever, which means this book will constantly sit in a “revisions” phase.

I don’t want that.

Anyways, I’m finally back to making progress and I’m so excited!

When I check back in, in a month, I’ll let you know if it’s any better…or worse.

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