Book Review: The Blood Spell (Ravenspire #4)

the blood spellTitle: The Blood Spell (Ravenspire #4)

Author: C.J. Redwine

Pub. Date: February 12, 2019

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Blue de la Cour has her life planned: hide the magic in her blood and continue trying to turn metal into gold so she can help her city’s homeless. But when her father is murdered and a cruel but powerful woman claims custody of Blue and her property, one wrong move could expose her—and doom her once and for all. The only one who can help? The boy she’s loathed since childhood: Prince Kellan.

Kellan Renard, crown prince of Balavata, is walking a thin line between political success and devastating violence. Newly returned from boarding school, he must find a bride among the kingdom’s head families and announce his betrothal—but escalating violence among the families makes the search nearly impossible. He’s surprised to discover that the one person who makes him feel like he can breathe is Blue, the girl who once ruined all his best adventures.

When mysterious forces lead to disappearances throughout Balavata, Blue and Kellan must work together to find the truth. What they discover will lead them to the darkest reaches of the kingdom, and to the most painful moments of their pasts.

When romance is forbidden and evil is rising, can Blue save those she loves, even if it costs her everything?

This will be a spoiler free review.

Well, I think I have a new favorite Ravenspire novel. I’ve loved and thoroughly enjoyed each book in this series, and I’m sad that this is the final one. I’d happily read more retellings set in Ravenspire. Easily. I loved this book a lot, which I figured I would. I loved the way the story of Cinderella was retold, and by the time I go to the iconic parts I was giddy with excitement.

I think The Wish Granter might still be my favorite fairytale retelling, just because so rarely do you see Rumpelstiltskin as the center of a story (that isn’t the original tale). Nobody asked me to, but if I had to rank the books in this series, it would probably be.

  1. The Blood Spell
  2. The Wish Granter
  3. The Shadow Queen
  4. The Traitor Prince

But even that list might not be super accurate since I really did enjoy each book in this series. I remember when The Wish Granter was announced and being bummed that it didn’t follow the characters from the first book. In the end I didn’t mind, and I like when series switch up the characters, and maybe past ones pop up in later books. It paints a bigger picture of the world.

I guess, all in all, this is me wanting more books set in this world, with more fairytale retellings.

I loved the cast of characters in this book. Blue and Kellan are kind of enemies to lovers – she finds him completely annoying and irresponsible, and he considers her a spoil sport and ruiner of all things fun. This kind of makes them two sides of a coin, and they balance each other out very well. They both deal with loss and feeling as if they are at fault.

I would say that this book deals with some heavier topics, such as guilt, suicide (no one commits it, but the thought about whether or not it would just be easier to give up), feeling like no one is on your side, loneliness and facing fears. It didn’t feel like a topic heavy book, nor did it read like one. It all felt very organic and very in line with the characters.

I really liked Blue and Kellan and how their relationship went from one of tolerance, to dependence and fondness. I also really loved Kellan’s sister, Nessa. She was a lot of fun and saw things before her brother did. If she could have, she would have willingly played matchmaker.

Blue’s grandmother was also a great character – fiercely protective and hot headed – she constantly was looking out of Blue, even if Blue didn’t need it. But that’s what grandmothers do.

As for Dinah – I’m a little over the evil stepmother/guardian characters. While she wasn’t the worst example, I found her tedious. I tend to find these characters tedious because no matter what has happened to them, the way they go about justifying their insane actions and declarations is just annoying. Maybe it’s just because I’ve read so much fantasy lately, but whenever an evil stepmother/ guardian comes into the picture, you just know life is going to suck for the main character.

I did like that Blue gave back just as much as she got, and didn’t back down, but Dinah was kind of surface at best.

“You wronged me X number of years ago, so now I’ve bided my time and I’m here for my revenge! Mwhahah!”

(Not an actual line from the book – but you get the gist)

 The ending of this book is definitely satisfying and pretty full circle, even if it’s a little convenient…but it is a Cinderella retelling, so it really only had one ending.

Like I said, I absolutely enjoyed this book and wouldn’t be opposed to more set in the Ravenspire world. I feel like so many more stories could come out of it.




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