Currently Reading & Watching #3

Image result for reading gifsI’m reading again, so that’s great! For a few weeks I was in this weird place of wanting to read everything, so I was reading nothing, but I’ve moved past that, and I’m onto my fifth book for the month! You’ll have to wait for my wrap-up to find out what all the books are. Luckily, I’ve enjoyed everything I read, and the shows – been really enjoying them as well. I love getting lost in stories, as do we all.

Book time!

Eyes on Me – Rachel Harris – PB

I’m only about 100 pages into this book and I can kind of already pinpoint what the big conflict is going to be, but so far, I am loving this book! This doesn’t surprise me as. I am a fan of Rachel Harris’s and her YA contemporaries are some of my favorites. I contemplated keeping this book for when I go to the beach at the end of summer, as I love to read contemporaries on vacation, but I couldn’t wait any longer to dive in!

Allied – Amy Tintera – Audiobook via Audible

I started my physical copy of this book forever ago and for whatever reason, never got around to finishing it. Not to mention here was no audiobook for it yet, and I had listened to the first two and really liked the narrator. Well, now there’s an audiobook! I can’t wait to dive into it and finally finish this amazing trilogy!

Now for shows!

Lucifer – Netflix

Twitter made me do it. And I’m loving it. Normally crime shows can drag on (for me) and I lose interest very quickly…more so if I’m bingeing them. I prefer them as a week by week basis, but Lucifer is great. I love the whole cast and can’t get enough of it. When Lucifer sings…I die.

Vikings – Amazon Prime

I’ve been watching this with my family and with the second half of season 5 finally available for streaming, we’re catching up. Certain characters just need to go, be knocked down like ten thousand pegs, or just die. The show’s getting a little tedious and it’s really moved away from what it was in the beginning.

Liv & Maddie – Netflix

Judge all you want, but Dove Cameron is a pretty good actress and I just wanted something light and fun to watch when I needed a break. Something that didn’t need me to pay attention to every detail. Also, it’s just a pretty good show, full of sassy characters, music and silly plots. Definitely a good show to unwind with.

The 100 – CW/Live TV

It’s back! Waiting each week for episodes sucks – especially after bingeing the first five(?) seasons, but so far I’m enjoying this new one, and I’m interested in seeing where it goes from here.

QOTD: What have you been watching and reading? I’m always looking for new recs!

14 thoughts on “Currently Reading & Watching #3

    1. If you like Liv and Maddie you should check out Alexa and Katie on Netflix! I think the 100 is a great binge show so waiting week to week sucks 😂


      1. Alexa and Katie is on my list but I haven’t seen it yet! You’re the first person I’ve heard talk about it, so I’m glad to know it’s good. The 100 is an absolute binge worthy show. That’s the only way I can watch it haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ugh The 100 – I’m caught up and it’s the worst feeling. lol

        I’ve told so many people to watch Alexa and Katie and as far as I know, no one has. lol. Though, not gonna lie, I initially started it because my name’s Alexa 😂


      3. 😂 I started that (a rewatch) awhile back, but then I reached the newer episodes I’d watched live and stopped 🙈 and yay!

        Idk if you’re into anime/animation in general, but VIOLET EVERGARDEN on Netflix is amazing.


      4. I really loved the first couple seasons of Vampire Diaries and then I really started struggling to get through it. The last season is so much better though!

        I’m a little iffy on anime, but I do really like animated shows, so I’ll look into Violet Evergarden. Have you watched The Dragon Prince?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yeah TVD got a little wonky but picked back up.
        Violet Evergarden is definitely character drive and very emotional. Be warned! I cried at least once every episode and I wasn’t the only one. But it’s also uplifting!
        And yep! At least season 1 – I need to get on season 2 🙈 I remember finishing S1 and angry S2 wasn’t out yet because how dare they make me wait 😂😂


      6. Ugh. Greys. Are you caught up?
        For so long I put off watching it because it was too popular. Then I decided to start it and binged it and fell in love. Karev is my favorite.


      7. I put off watching it for that same reason! I’ve only seen about half of this newest season. Life got in the way, so I’ll binge the rest once it’s on Netflix. I can’t pick just one favorite, but I do love Karev. Also, MerDer forever.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. ah lol I get it.
        I mean, I have other faves, but Karev’s character development is just amazing. and MerDer together, yes, but I wasn’t a big Derek fan. 🙈


      9. My heart broke for Karev in the episode where Met was attacked. BROKE.
        And I kind of always thought that he thought he was better than Mer. I don’t doubt that he loved her, it was obvious he did, but it wasn’t until right before he died that (I think) he truly saw her as an professional equal. I always felt that he felt that his career was more important to hers.
        They had a lot of adorable moments and I wish he hadn’t left the show…but then we’d never have gotten Riggs and I loved him and Mer together 🙈


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