Writing Update #4

Still working on my SF WIP.

Sometimes I feel like I’ll forever be working on it.

I started today, with every intention of finally finishing the chapter that has been the chapter from hell. It’s not that it’s a hard chapter, it’s just taken me forever to get the feeling right for it. It took me a forever to get the opening right. A week or so ago, I did. I loved it, it captured the feeling I wanted, and guess what?

You can probably guess.

You might even be screaming internally like I am.

My mac decided to crash? Or something. The screen was being all funky, and I had to do a hard shut down – something I hate doing, because it’s not good for the mac/computer. Turns out, even though I saved, I lost the entire half chapter I’ve been steadily working on for the last two weeks. Luckily, I remember what happens – I do have outlines, but I can’t seem to get that feeling back.

Which makes me so incredibly sad.

Image result for lucifer gifs

I’m trying to be positive and telling myself that I could create something even better, but here, in this moment, I’m not feeling that.

I’m feeling a bit dejected quite honestly. I had plans to actually finish this chapter today, so I can finally move on to the next chapter to revise it. I had pulled ahead and had fixed my glaring plot issue, and now it feels like starting from scratch. That feeling of – I felt like I had the first part of the chapter perfect, I had spent an absurd amount of time getting it just right, and now, I have to redo it all – it’s a kind of a mental block.

So, instead of chugging ahead tonight and finish this chapter, I’ll come back tomorrow with fresh eyes, a new perspective, a new day, and some coffee, and I’ll finish it then.

Right now, I don’t think anything I’ll write will be worth keeping, because I’ll just be grasping for what I lost. Yes, I’ve searched for it, in the hopes that it autosaved or something, and no luck.

There is a tiny silver lining – I took a photo for my Insta story earlier, and while it’s blocked out in my stories, I took the photo with my phone camera, and not in Instagram…which means, I have the unedited, un-blocked out last few lines of where I left off!

I fully know that this could have been so much worse than just losing half of a chapter. I’m normally so good at saving every 10ish minutes, that way if something like this happens, I’ve lost very little work.

Whatever overcame my mac, the hard shut down and reboot just wiped it, I guess.

Okay, I’m done whining, it’s happened, just got to sit my ass in a chair tomorrow and fix it. I had planned for this update to be a victorious one – I finished the chapter and can finally move on!

I’m going to go eat some mini starbursts and watch something, probably Roswell (the new one). It’s on Netflix and I need something new, since I finished Lucifer. Watch it if you haven’t already, it’s amazing.

Hope your writing journeys are going better than mine is right now!

MORAL OF THIS STORY – SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! And make sure you have up to date copies, or duplicates and save in multiple places.

4 thoughts on “Writing Update #4

    1. Thanks, but it has a happy ending! I sat down to write today, and the words just flowed. AND I like the start of the chapter so much more now! I’m considering it my second draft. So, while annoying, it’s like a blessing in disguise. I’m happy now! And stuff like this happens all the time. I think it’s part of the package lol


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