Giveaway Winners!

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s already time to choose the winners. I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone that entered! This giveaway performed better than I anticipated and I’m so excited to be giving back to you all. It means a lot that you checked out my blog – even if it was the lure of free bookish goodies that brought you to it.

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I started blogging *consistently* last January (2018) and honestly didn’t expect much to come of it. The fact that I’m steadily inching closer to that 200-follower mark blows my freaking mind and it makes everything I’ve put on this blog feel a little more worth it. There are days when blogging feels like a chore, a not fun job and seeing the reaction and interaction that has been pretty prevalent on my blog for the last two weeks has made it feel not so much like a chore and much more enjoyable. I’ve been having fun posting and interacting with you all and hearing about your anticipated reads – a couple I might need to check out! So, thank you again!

And as a final note before I announce the winners – I really do hope you enjoy the books and goodies in these bags! Apollycon is a great event and Jennifer L. Armentrout and the other volunteers who work tirelessly to pull off the three-day event are amazing. The publishers who donated all these items that were available in the swag bags and to grab during events – thank you for that!

The Winners are:

1. Holly Kinsey

2. Allisa White

3. Kelly S. Delrosso

I’ll be sending out emails later today, and you’ll have 24 hours (upon receiving the email) to email me back with mailing/shipping information – a google form will be attached! I want to get these boxes of bookish goodies out to you as soon as possible!

I’ll also be posting an announcement later today on Twitter and Instagram of who the winners are! Congrats to those who won! I hope and plan on hosting more giveaways in the future! So please stay tuned!

As a final, final note, thank you again to everyone who entered and checked out my blog. It really does mean a lot. So, thank you.

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