Writing Update #5

This won’t be a long post, instead just a brief check in.

June was a crappy writing month. I’m back on track…in the sense that I’m finally moving forward with revisions and the story, but I’m * kind of * stuck again. I’m struggling just a little bit to find the right tone for this chapter, but I’m just trying to push through it and get words on the page instead of stressing over it.

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But June’s been a crap writing month. From being a little stuck on my current chapter, to the end of the month being booked solid, with ALA, a book launch and a family trip, I’ve been utterly exhausted. Like it doesn’t feel like any sleep I’m getting is making me any less tired.

I wish I had better news to report, since I mainly started these Writing Updates as a way to help keep myself accountable. I doubt I’ll get much, if any writing done before Monday, and whatever I do write, will probably be blog posts.

I want to write, I want to get back to my characters and their story, but damn, there are only so many hours in a day. Maybe I’ll try and work on a scene while we’re out tomorrow (6/28). Maybe while the rest of my family is sitting in a bar, watching the Women’s US Soccer Team play France, I can write lol, be antisocial. I’m not going to hold myself to that, but maybe.

It’s late and I’m feeling nice, so here’s a very small section of the prologue of my SF WIP.



The ship wide alarms blared incessantly; their cry of warning reverberated in empty halls. Andromeda was calling out to the vastness of space, a call for help that fell on deaf ears. The halls echoed with the terror of its once upon a time denizens.


A lone red light flashed on a single display in Controls; the only remaining sign of something amiss aboard the Andromeda.

Destiny © – Alexa Abee – Draft 2019 WIP

I hope your writing exploits have been better than mine in June have been!

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