Writing Update #6

img_5072Not much progress again. So, this post won’t be a long one.

It’s frustrating. I spend more time deleting words, than doing any real revising. What’s the most frustrating thing is that I know what needs to happen, how it needs to happen, in order for me to move onto the next scene for revising.

But when the words – the right words – refuse to come, there isn’t much I can do. Except keep writing the scene over and over and over until hopefully they do come. Well, come and sound right. That’s also important.

You might ask, “why don’t you just skip to the next chapter or the next scene?”

If this current chapter I’m working on wasn’t supremely crucial in the set up of a much larger plot element I would, but if I don’t get it right, it’ll just throw off the rest of the book, and ultimately, I’ll just be back where I started.

So, I’ve stepped back for a bit. I’m on vacation – hence the above picture – and I’m just going to let my mind think about it, or not think about it, and see if when I come back, something has changed. Staring blankly at my screen while my finger is holding down the delete button isn’t doing me any good and it’s just as unproductive as not writing at all.

Hopefully soon, I’ll be back in the swing of things. Maybe next month I’ll finally have something more exciting to write about than me being stuck.

Though, I do wish this book would just write its damn self. It’s been finished in my head for years; the Word doc just needs to catch up.


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