Book Review: The Storm Crow (The Storm Crow #1)

38330596Title: The Storm Crow (The Storm Crow #1)

Author: Kalyn Josephson

Pub. Date: July 9, 2019

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

In the tropical kingdom of Rhodaire, magical, elemental Crows are part of every aspect of life…until the Illucian empire invades, destroying everything.

That terrible night has thrown Princess Anthia into a deep depression. Her sister Caliza is busy running the kingdom after their mother’s death, but all Thia can do is think of all she has lost.

But when Caliza is forced to agree to a marriage between Thia and the crown prince of Illucia, Thia is finally spurred into action. And after stumbling upon a hidden Crow egg in the rubble of a rookery, she and her sister devise a dangerous plan to hatch the egg in secret and get back what was taken from them.

This will be a short spoiler free review.

Overall, this was a good read, and if book 2 were currently out, I would have picked it up. Idk if I’ll finish the series, but there is definitely some interest.

I want to preface with, this book was comped to Eragon and And I Darken – which I think does it a disservice. I’ve read both of the comped books, Eragon being and absolute favorite and And I Darken falling short for me, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this book. I went in with as open of a mind I possibly could, but there were moments that I couldn’t help but compare.

This kind of came across as your typical take back the throne YA fantasy, but I was a little disappointed that the prince – portrayed as snarky, rude and arrogant in the beginning, turned out to be ‘misunderstood and actually a nice guy’. Though, I did like the stubbornness that the MC exhibited often, and I do think that the Prince and her created a good dynamic.

I liked the idea of magic (giant) crows, and found the concept unique, but again, I really wish it hadn’t been comped with Eragon because even though I tried desperately to keep an open mind, it was so damn hard.

I get why titles are comped, I get it, but they also mean that the reader (if having read the comped titles) already have preconceived notions about the book, and I found it so hard to not compare it to Eragon.

If you’re looking for a quick, enjoyable read, with magic, you might want to check this out!


6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Storm Crow (The Storm Crow #1)

    1. I totally understand the out of control TBR😂mines the same!
      I think the Prince will surprise you, so don’t discount him! I hope you enjoy the book when you finally get a chance to read it!
      And thank you!


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