Book Collection: Brigid Kemmerer

Hey Brigid!

img_5845If you know me at all, then this shouldn’t be a surprise! I read Brigid’s debut Storm (Elemental #1) back in 2012 and I’m so so so glad that I didn’t judge it by its cover. Let’s face it, the original cover for the Elemental series was a choice. But it’s what lies under the cover that is important!

I remember reading it my senior year of high school and absolutely loving it, and when I tried to get my creative writing teacher to read it…he basically said he couldn’t be seen with it with that cover…which, let me tell you, irked me to absolutely no end, because he was missing out on a fantastic read!

Elemental 1Anyways, bitterness aside, I’ve been a massive fan of Brigid’s work since 2012. A friend and I went to her launch at our local Barnes and Nobles, we made shirts and accidentally brought Brigid to tears. Since then, we’ve gone to every signing Brigid has done locally (and some not so locally). In seven years, I’ve gone to just being an avid fan (I still am!) to being lucky enough to consider her a friend!

14595608_10154689154344429_6996867762388217797_nIt was probably after Letters to the Lost released that I actually started collecting her books. Brigid was so kind to send me an ARC of it to read and review, mainly because I raved about it so much and so often on Facebook and Twitter – at least that’s how it came across to me. I could be totally wrong, but I’m super appreciative regardless. I devoured the book and fell in love. Something I’ve done with every book since the first one.

Whatever she writes, I’m guaranteed to buy it and love it. I’m also guaranteed to own multiple copies of the same book. My collection isn’t complete, and I don’t know if it will ever be 100%, but I love what I have so far, and I love the character and the stories she’s gifted us.

I’m forever grateful that I get the opportunities to read her upcoming releases early – P.S. Brigid, I’m waiting for Curse 3 and Defy the Night – and promoting them. It’s one of my favorite things to do as a reader, blogger and friend. I thoroughly enjoying urging and screaming at people to pick up these books and fall in love with the characters…though, Gabriel Merrick is mine.

Brigid has also becoming an invaluable source of information and guidance as I work towards my own writing dreams. She’s helped shed light on things I wasn’t certain of. I was genuinely considering hiring someone to edit my manuscript, and Brigid helped me rationalize if I *actually* needed to, and ultimately saved me a lot of money. Without abusing my friendship with her – a legit fear I have – I am completely grateful and thankful that she takes time out of her day to answer texts and has writing dates with me. 2012 me never imagined being her friend and considering her as someone I could count on…or someone I could accidentally scream text to about how much I want the Ariel Disney Ears.

Hopefully one day, Brigid, we’ll be able to do a joint signing…if I ever finish this book.

But let’s get back to the reason y’all clicked on this post, to see the books! Let me tell you, pulling all of these books off my shelves was a task! I didn’t realize I had quite so many until I took them off the shelf, stacked them up and had to carry them down a flight of stairs and onto the deck. It makes sense, since there for a while, even with no currently new releases, I was showing up to events with a new copy of one of her books. I. Can’t. Help. It. They’re all just so pretty.


A quick rundown of all her books –

  1. Storm (Elemental #1)
  2. Spark (Elemental #2)
  3. Spirit (Elemental #3)
  4. Secret (Elemental #4)
  5. Sacrifice (Elemental #5)
  6. Thicker than Water
  7. Letters to the Lost
  8. More than We Can Tell
  9. Call It What You Want
  10. A Curse so Dark and Lonely (Cursebreakers #1)
  11. A Heart so Fierce and Broken (Cursebreakers #2) (2020)
  12. Cursebreakers #3 (2021)
  13. Defy the Night (2021)

ALSO, I’ve never taken a bad photo of any of her books, they photograph so well! Especially the UK contemporaries + ARCs! I have a few foreign editions and would love to own the whole sets, but a lot of the Elemental Books are getting hard to find in print.

Let’s take a closer look – and I’m ashamed. I didn’t realize until just now that Sacrifice and Secret are stacked backwards in these pictures. So, please ignore that glaring mistake! I also don’t know why I stacked them all backwards. I have no words. 


In this stack, I have Thicker Than Water, the Elemental Series, plus the UK and the AUS editions of Storm!  

I also just realized while doing this post, that LTTL wasn’t my first Brigid ARC, but Sacrifice  was!

Here are some links – make sure you check out the books!

Elemental Series   /   Thicker Than Water

Pic: Thicker than Water / Secret / US ARC Sacrifice / Sacrifice / Spirit / Storm / UK Storm / AUS Storm

Next up, We have the US Hardcovers of the Contemporaries and the US ARCs for each book – a fact that still shocks me!


I love the colors of the US books and MTWCT is probably my favorite of the three! I just love Rev so much. Make sure you check these out if you haven’t already, because you’re seriously missing out!

Eventually I want to get the US paperbacks for each book, but for now, sadly, I don’t have the shelf space * sobs *.

Then, there are the UK editions of the same books, because of course I had no choice but to buy them. I have zero regrets. Though, I doubt I’ll ever regret buying a book Brigid wrote, or even buying multiple copies. Gotta support your friends!


I mean, just look how pretty they are! I love how the US versions are a darker color palette and the UK just decided to make them bright and fun and the complete opposite.

As much as I love the US covers, something about the bright, fun and vividness of the books makes me super happy!

Top Pic: US ARC LTTL / US ARC MTWCT / US ARC CIWYW / Standard LTTL / Standard MTWCT / Standard CIWYW 

Bottom Pic: UK ARC LTTL / Zoella Book Club LTTL / Standard LTTL / UK ARC MTWCT/ Standard MTWCT / Standard CIWYW


And finally (for now, until Brigid publishes more books) the Cursebreakers books!


If you haven’t read A Curse so Dark and Lonely yet, you need to! It’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling and it’s fantastic!

I was lucky enough to be able to snag a copy of A Heart so Fierce and Broken at ALA and let me tell you, IT’S SO GOOD AND YOU’RE NOT READY. Brigid has me dying for book 3 and the wait is killing me! Grey goes on one hell of a journey and you won’t be disappointed!

I can’t wait to own multiple copies of this series, like I do the rest of her books, because damn, they’re just so pretty!

A Curse so Dark and Lonely / A Heart so Fierce and Broken / Cursebreakers 3


And finally (again, for now!) a quick look at Defy the Night!


I’m super excited for this and I cannot wait to read it! Make sure you add it on Goodreads, as well as AHSFAB and Cursebreakers 3!

I have reviews for most of these books, so feel free to check them out! Though, I might be a little biased! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out all of Brigid’s books (you don’t want to miss any, I promise!) and let me know in the comments which one of her books is your favorite! And make sure you pick up A Heart so Fierce and Broken when it comes out in January!


*whispers* also, if anyone has UK ARCs of ACSDAL and AHSFAB that they want to part with and pass onto me, hit me up. Or any of the Elemental ARCs…I’m not opposed and would be forever grateful!

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