Book Review: These Wicked Waters

these wicked waters.jpgTitle: These Wicked Waters

Author: Emily Layne

Pub. Date: October 22, 2019

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

A centuries-old curse plagues the island of Viaii Nisi and an ancient enemy lurks beneath the depths of the surrounding water.

Annie Mayfield has heard all the stories and rumors about the island that is now home to the brand new Mayfield Villa resort, and she is definitely not psyched about having to spend her summer working there. The island’s name alone—Viaii Nisi, or violent island—is enough to make any sane person seriously reconsider it as a vacation destination. Then there are the mysterious deaths of every previous owner! It’s a history Annie’s mother is quick to shrug off, but when a guest goes missing on opening night, Annie really starts to get the creeps.

And then Annie makes a truly terrifying discovery: ruins filled with bones and one skeleton that seems to be half human and half fish. Intrigued by the strange remains and determined to help find the missing guest, Annie channels her inner Nancy Drew—minus the skirt and pearls, of course—in an attempt to uncover the truth about Viaii Nisi. But that truth is beyond anything she could ever have imagined. With her mother in complete denial and local officials unconcerned, Annie finds she’ll have to face her biggest fears if she’s to attempt to save everyone she loves.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

I mainly requested this book with the hopes that it would be a quick read, and it was. Based on the synopsis I figured I’d enjoy it – which I did. I’m glad I requested and was approved.

It felt like the Jurassic World movies, but with sirens and I thought the concept was cool. I liked the blend of Greek Mythology with a Modern-Day resort, and the Mayfield Villa would be fun to go to…minus the murderous sirens. While I definitely enjoyed this book and I’m glad it hit my radar, I thought the ending was a bit rushed and I’m left wondering if there is going to be another book. It felt very open ended, but I have no idea what the premise of a second book would be.

I thought the relationship between Annie and Victor (the Love Interest) was a little forced. He’s the attractive life guard at the resort, so of course Annie (the owner’s daughter) and he get together. It was convenient and forced if that makes sense? I liked them together and they had good chemistry, it was just very forced and didn’t feel very organic.

It took me probably half the book to realize that the Lorelei parts (she’s a siren) were the past. For the first half of the book I thought they were happening in sync with Annie’s chapters. I kind of wish that had been clearer. The hints were there, but I guess I missed them. It becomes much clearer in the second half of the book that there is a time difference between Annie and Lorelei, until there isn’t.

Overall, this was a fun, enjoyable read with a bit of mystery and action. For the most part, once you start reading, you won’t want to stop until you finish. Annie’s journey is definitely a wild ride, where in the beginning she’d rather be anywhere else, and at the end…well, you’ll have to read the book to find out! Out, October 22, 2019, make sure you pick it up if you want killer sirens, mystery and a resort villa on a remote Greek Island!

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