Book Collection: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey Jen!

img_6102I can’t believe I’ve been reading Jen’s books since 2012. I remember the first time I ever met her – it was in Boonsboro at Turn the Page (Nora Robert’s bookstore). I honestly can’t remember if my friend and I went up for Jen, or for Nora, but I know we both left with copies of Obsidian and Half-Blood. My mom was heading up to Frostburg (Maryland) for a high school reunion and luckily Boonsboro is on the way, so we managed to convince her to take a detour for this signing.

Upon arriving at my grandparent’s house, my friend and I promptly sat down and started reading. I don’t remember which book I started with – probably Obsidian because my friend insisted that we read the same book at the same time.

From then on, I was a fan. We were fans. We scoured bookstores on and near release days for the next books and they were always read instantly. At the time, our local Books-A-Million always had our most anticipated books out a day early and we always bought them. (This was well before either of us were aware of release week sales and how they impact making best seller lists) We were avid readers and had found a new favorite author.

I’ve been a fan of Jen’s books since a Senior in High School – I’ve been reading them for quite a long time. Her stories often feel like coming home. I know if I pick on up, there’s like a 99% chance that I’m going to enjoy it. Her books are often the ones to get me out of reading slumps.

Since Jen is semi-local, I’ve been fortunate enough to see her at a bunch of events – from the Baltimore Book Festival, to launches, conventions and her own creation: Apollycon.

My friend and I went to the first one in Philly in 2015 (I think), and then to the fourth and fifth ones in D.C. in 2018 & 2019. And I’m going again next year, 2020!

(Pic – left: 2018, right: 2019 with Drew Leighty and Jennifer L. Armentrout and my bff / I definitely prefer 2019’s pic more)

Apollycon is always fun – you can see my recap of 2019 here! I always enjoy going and seeing Jen and all the other amazing authors. I usually have bruises on my shoulders by the end of the weekend. But even if Jen were the only author there, I wanted to see, I’d still go. I’ll support Jen and her books for as long as she’s writing. I love them and her so much.

(Pic – left: 2018, right: 2019 with Drew Leighty and Jennifer L. Armentrout / I definitely perfer 2019’s pic more)

I’m fortunate to consider Jen a friend and any way I can support her, I will. I remember finding her books. I remember how the light filtered through curtains as I laid on a bed at my grandparents and fell in love with her characters. I remember the anxious anticipation for the next book in her various series and showing up to each event with new copies of her books for her to sign. I love her characters, her stories, her worlds and I will read and reread them for forever.

I’ve been reading and supporting her for years now and I love doing it. I love promoting her work and getting people to fall in love with Daemon, Aiden, Seth, Luc, Roth, Zayne and the various other hot, swoon-y love interests she’s created over the years. I mean, who doesn’t want hot and snarky alien neighbors, or Greek God descendants with kick ass powers or a Prince of Hell and his Gargoyle opponent? She writes anything and everything and has you wishing that these characters were real.

Let’s finally jump into the reason you probably clicked on this post – the books! I’m going to be eternally broke if Jen’s books keep coming out with revamped covers, because I need them all. All these books currently occupy almost an entire shelf (minus 3 spots). It’s a long shelf too, like 6 feet and basically a shrine to Jen’s books.


I thought I had a lot of Brigid’s books…Jen’s occupied 2 bags and it was beyond difficult to carry both down the stairs. I managed, because there was no way I was making more than one trip. I also fought my glasses trying to slide right off the end of my nose the entire time. Setting them up on the banister and trying to fit them all in and have them look good was a challenge as well. It’s funny how, on a shelf they don’t look as numerous, but the minute you take them off and stack them up, it’s glaringly evident.

A quick run-down of Jen’s books – (This is going to be anything by quick, but here we go!)

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.43.23 AM.png

Phew. Typing them all out also puts the number of books she has into perspective. I don’t own every single one of her books. Besides the de Vincent books and the Anthologies (not a fan tbh) I’ve read everything else. I opted to post a screen grab, over actually typing them out in WordPress because this post would have been a mile long otherwise.


Okay, I’m going to start with my favorite, the Covenant Series! Here I have pictured the original paperbacks (bottom),then the new paperbacks with the gorgeous covers – I still need to buy the rest of the series (middle). Then I have the UK edition of Half Blood (purple spine) and finally the Titan Books. These aren’t necessarily part of the Covenant Series, but they’re a direct spin-off!

Here are some links – make sure you check them out!

Covenant / Titan

Pic: (top to bottom) The Return / The Power / The Struggle / The Prophecy / UK Half Blood / Half Blood (New US) / Pure (New US) / Deity (New US) / Daimon / Half Blood / Pure / Deity / Elixir / Apollyon / Sentinel 

img_6094Next up, the Lux series! I’ve since added a finished copy of The Burning Shadow to my collection, but unfortunately it’s not pictured. I took all these pictures weeks ago when the weather was still guaranteed to be nice. Which is a good thing since it’s rained for days here. I love Katy and Daemon and they will always have a special place in my heart. Here I have pictured the original paperbacks (top) I need to get the new covers. Opposition is the redone cover to match the first four books. Then Oblivion is Obsidian from Daemons POV and Obsession is an Arum novel. Then I have the US ARCs for The Darkest Star and The Burning Shadow , and finally a finished copy of The Darkest Star. 

Here are some links – make sure you check them out!

Lux / Arum  / Origin 

Pic: (top to bottom) Shadows / Obsidian / Onyx / Opal / Origin / Opposition / Oblivion / Obsession / The Darkest Star US ARC / The Burning Shadow US ARC / The Darkest Star 

img_6097Next we have the Dark Elements Series – which is another favorite, shocker! I have the second one on my TBR to read before the end of the year, just because. It’s time for a reread. I love Roth and Zayne and these books are just fun. Here I have pictured the new US covers (top) I freaking love them. Then the original covers, plus an ARC of Stone Cold Touch (my first ever Jen ARC!) and then a US ARC of Storm and Fury plus a finished copy. I’m super excited for the next book in the Harbinger series as the first one left me with my jaw dropped.

Here are some links – make sure you check them out!

Dark Elements / Harbinger 

Pic (top to bottom) White Hot Kiss (New US) / Stone Cold Touch (New US) / Every Last Breath (New US) / White Hot Kiss / Stone Cold Touch US ARC / Stone Cold Touch / Every Last Breath / Storm and Fury US ARC / Storm and Fury 

img_6098Then we have the Wicked Trilogy and these books are great! I loved Ren and Ivy and I can’t forget Tink and his Amazon Prime addiction. New Orleans, fae and tons of drama and romance, you don’t want to miss these characters or this world Jen has created. It’s fantastic. These books are definitely due for a reread and I would honestly love nothing more than to drop everything I’m currently reading to do so. Here I have pictured the original paperbacks, plus the 1001 Dark Night’s novellas, and there’s a third on the way!

Here are some links – make sure you check them out!

Wicked Trilogy

Pic (top to bottom) Wicked / Torn / Brave / The Prince / The King 

We’re coming down to the wire – two photo’s left!

img_6099Next is the Wait for You Series. The great thing about these books, is that you can read them in order, but they’re also standalones and can be read in whatever order you want. I love these books, my favorite being Stay with Me, but I do have one gripe, you might be able to see what it is from the picture.

These books aren’t stacked in order – which is listed above in the backlist photo. The mass market paperback style seriously annoys me to no end. That, and there are various pubs and none of them are uniform. Shelving them is a nightmare. But anyways, I have the whole series, with Trust in Me (green spine) being a novella, as well as the 1001 Dark Night’s novella Dream of You (bottom).

Here are some links – make sure you check them out!

Wait for You Series

Pic (top to bottom) Forever with You / Fall with Me / Trust in Me / Wait for You / Be with Me / Stay with Me / Fire in You / Dream of You

img_6100Finally, we are at the end. This stack is a mix of YA standalones and some NA.

The Dead List is probably my favorite of of this stack of books. I read it back when she published it on Wattpad. It’s definitely a bit of a thriller murder mystery and it’s so fun!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these books and they all range in genre! That’s one of the things I love about Jen and her books – she writes everything and they’re always pretty good and easy to get lost in.

Here are some links – make sure you check them out!

de Vincent / Till Death / The Dead List / Frigid / If There’s No Tomorrow / The Problem with Forever / Don’t Look Back / Cursed 

Pic (top to bottom) Moonlight Sins / Moonlight Seduction / Till Death / The Dead List / Frigid / Scorched / If There’s No Tomorrow / The Problem with Forever / Don’t Look Back / Cursed 

Phew! The scary thing is that this collection is only ever going to get bigger. Jen’s latest release The Burning Shadow just came out earlier this month, and the cover for Rage and Ruin was revealed, it’s gorgeous! I cannot wait to read it! If you haven’t yet fallen into the world that is Jennifer L. Armentrout, you’re missing out and you should fix that immediately. I would recommend starting with the Covenant Series (I have a whole review for the entire series here) but if you were to ask my best friend, she would insist on the Lux series. So, really you can’t go wrong with either!

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