Spotlight Post: Chronicles of a Cutpurse by Carrie Summers

I fell in love with Carrie’s work when I happened upon her fantasy Heart of the Empire. I’m pretty sure I saw an ad for it after I had been scrolling through Amazon after search for a different book. It was probably marketed as “if you like Sarah J Maas you’ll like this!” which is a surefire way of getting me to A) check out the book and B) 9/10 get me to buy it. Targeted ads – they work. I’m a sucker for high fantasy, and Heart of the Empire definitely did not disappoint.

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But we’re not here to discuss that book, or the other books in that series. You can check out my reviews for books 1&2 (I’m planning on reading book 3 soon!) and you can check out my Underrated Fantasy Series post, where I talk about it as well. If you’re looking for a high fantasy that’s really good and unique, you should definitely check the Broken Lands series out!

Today, we’re talking about another one of Carrie’s series – that I desperately want to read and annoyingly and unfortunately not gotten around to yet. It’s criminal on my part, I know. The Chronicles of a Cutpurse Series is four books that follow Myrrh an up and coming freelance thief. Carrie had me at “thief”.

Ugh, this book sounds like something I would very easily like, and then binge the rest of the series. I’m kind of tempted to just buy them all, and binge read them. It’s going to have to wait until the new year though, unfortunately. That’s something to look forward to!

Let’s take a quick look at each of the four books in order:

Mistress of thievesMistress of Thieves (Chronicles of a Cutpurse #1)


Thieves. Scoundrels. An underworld romance.

Myrrh is an up-and-coming freelance thief who’s lost the only true friend she’s ever known. The city guards finally captured her mentor, an aging rogue and the closest thing she had to a family. He’s dead now. She’ll be next if she doesn’t figure out who betrayed him.

As she begins her search, she’s double-crossed by a fellow freelancer and sold out to a shadowy new crime syndicate. With a sack over her head and wrists tightly bound, she’s delivered to the lair of the syndicate’s boss, a man named Glint. Certain he intends to kill her, Myrrh is surprised to learn that he has other plans.

An unrepentant scoundrel, Glint is as charismatic as he is complex. And he has information about her mentor’s disappearance that will upend everything she thought she knew about the city’s underworld.

Ruler of scoundrelsRuler of Scoundrels (Chronicles of a Cutpurse #2)


Planning freelance heists and skulking through alleys is one thing. Running a thieves’ syndicate is something else entirely.

Wearing the tarnished crown of an underworld queen, Myrrh now sits on the ruling council of Ghost syndicate. It’s hard enough pulling together a rabble of miscreants and villains, but when thieves across the city start turning up dead and a disturbing stranger offers to help Myrrh solve the crimes, she starts to wonder if she should have accepted the simple position of Glint’s second-in-command. Not to mention, the unspoken offer of sharing more than the leadership of his organization.

And then there’s the problem of Noble, the boss of the gang Myrrh ousted to gain her new rogue’s empire. He’s back, and he’ll do anything for revenge.

Myrrh’s situation is about to go from difficult to impossible…

Queen of TrickstersQueen of Tricksters (Chronicles of a Cutpurse #3)


Everyone Myrrh cares for is marked for death.

What–or who–must she she sacrifice to break the curse?

An unstoppable killer is hunting Myrrh and her friends. Clutching tattered scraps of information that she received from a rogue who is now dead, Myrrh races to break the curse. Her best hope lies in unearthing secrets from the ancestral home of Glint, a man who holds power over both the city’s underworld and her heart.

Unfortunately, when Myrrh arrives at Glint’s mountain stronghold, an unexpected situation shatters her plans for a quiet investigation. The schemes of a power-hungry villain grip the region, threatening to accelerate her doom.

The shadow of long-forgotten oaths spills over the land and races toward Ostgard. Can Myrrh make the unthinkable choices it will take to stop the dark tide?

empress of roguesEmpress of Rogues (Chronicles of a Cutpurse #4)


The man that Myrrh loves has nine days to live.

A thief and a scoundrel, he’s been sentenced to death for a crime she committed.

And she’s the only one who can save him.

Peek beneath the surface at the dark underworld of Ostgard, a river port where the upper-class merchants are more corrupt than the thieves. In the city’s warren of grimy streets, a dagger between the ribs is the punishment for weakness. Strange magic has unsettling consequences. And a small band of criminals prove there is still honor among thieves.

Now, I really want to read these books. I might have to make it a point to read them in January. Just buy the whole set and go for it. I mean, that bolded line in the summary for the fourth book? How’d we get there?? I want to know.

Okay, I’ve put it on my calendar. I’m definitely reading these four books in January. It’s happening, and since I’ve written it here, I have to do it. There can be no excuses.

I’m so glad I stumbled upon Carrie’s works and I cannot wait to read them all. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see how The Broken Lands series ends.

Make sure you check out her books and let me know what you think if/when you do!

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