December Wrap-Up

December was kind of a rough month and I needed distractions…so I read a lot of books. Some of these books actually surprised me and I enjoyed them a lot more than I anticipated – which is always a good thing.

I’d definitely recommend reading these books, or at least giving them a fair try. There’s quite a collection of genres – again, I was all over the place last month. I tried to read things that interested me, and some of them I grabbed books that weren’t even on my TBR list.

I do have full reviews for all of these books, so I won’t be going into too much detail here, but f

feel free to check out my reviews for each of these reads.

the weaverThe Weaver (The Weaver #1) – Heather Kindt

eARC Finished: December 4, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

The story concept as a whole is fantastic. How often do we all wish that we can bring our characters to life? I know I do. I really did like the concept and the story Kindt created, and I’m interested in seeing how this trilogy plays out. I also really liked that it’s set on a college campus and that the characters are college age. I don’t read near enough NA anymore and this was a nice little foray back into that age range.

If this book is on your radar, definitely give it a chance. It’s a quick read with some cutes-y moments and a unique concept. I read it in a handful of hours, and I’m a bit bummed I have to wait for the next one.

Conceal dont feelConceal, Don’t Feel (Twisted Tales #7) – Jen Calonita

Hardcover Finished: December 6, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

Overall, I was disappointed, and felt like it was lacking magic and uniqueness. It was a fun read and I enjoyed the Anna and Kristoff scenes. If you’re a Frozen fan, if you can’t get Frozen 2 and its amazing songs out of your head, and you’re biding time before you can go see it in theaters again, then you should maybe pick this up.

beyond the shadowed earthBeyond a Shadowed Earth (Beneath the Haunting Sea #2) – Joanna Ruth Meyer

ARC Finished: December 9, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

 Overall, this is definitely a great fantasy and I can’t honestly think of anything else that I’ve read this year that is like it. There are a few small similarities – giant, people carrying birds – being the main thing, but still unique. The lore and history that Joanna has created in this world is so rich and vast and the pantheon of Gods is so interesting. Definitely pick up Beyond the Shadowed Earth when it comes out in little over a month, January 14, 2020!

second starSecond Star (Neverland Transmissions #1) – J.M. Sullivan

eARC Finished: December 10, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 / Review / GR

Overall, I’m glad that this book wasn’t a disappointment and I’m a bit excited to see what happens next in the series. Peter Pan + Space = my kryptonite. I love it.


lovestruck.jpgLovestruck – Kate Watson

Paperback Finished: December 11, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️.75 / Review / GR

I also really liked the other characters in this book, and I’m really glad it ended the way it ended, and I definitely didn’t see that little twist/revelation coming at the end. I’m really glad that this book didn’t disappoint and that once I really got into it, I was hooked. If you’re looking for a relatively quick and wonderfully distracting read, you should probably pick this up. Also, if you’re a fan of Greek Mythology, you should pick this up as well. I love that 2019 is introducing me to stories I haven’t read before…or even heard of. It’s fantastic and I can’t wait to see what this author does next.

scavenge the starsScavenge the Stars (Scavenge the Stars #1) – Tara Sim

ARC Finished: December 12, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

Overall, while I was unimpressed, even though the writing is strong and the cast of characters is diverse. If you’ve liked Tara Sim’s other books, you will probably want to pick this up and check it out when it comes out in January.


the queen of nothingThe Queen of Nothing (Folk of the Air #3) – Holly Black

OC Hardcover Finished: December 13, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

I still don’t like Jude, there wasn’t enough Cardan to truly keep my interested and nothing fucking happened in this book. Don’t @ me.


unknownUnknown (Unknown #1) – Wendy Higgins

Paperback Finished: December 26, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️.75 / Review / GR

If you’re looking for a quick, post-apocalyptic, alien, slow burn romance read, you’ll definitely want to check this out. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of book 2, and maybe I should just go ahead and order book 3.


wardens of eternityWardens of Eternity – Courtney Moulton

ARC Finished: DNF at page 135 (December 27, 2019)

DNF / Review / GR

Maybe one day in the future I’ll try finishing this book, but today’s not that day. I wanted desperately to like this book, but between the lacking characters, the weird pacing and unbelievable actions, I can’t bring myself to finish it. I don’t buy into Ziva, I don’t care about her or her journey. I don’t care about any of it, if I’m being completely honest. It kind of felt like this could have been a part of the Shadowhunter universe, but like, in a way that just didn’t work. I don’t know and I’m bummed because it sounds really good. Maybe the second half of the book is really good – if it is, and if you’ve read it let me know.

fate of the drownedFate of the Drowned (The Broken Lands #3) – Carrie Summers

Paperback Finished: December 29, 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️.75 / Review / GR

Again, overall, I liked this book and enjoyed it. I was reminded of why I’ve fallen in love with Carrie’s writing. She’s so good at it, and making the world come to life in your mind. She’s so good at creating these wonderfully flawed human characters that make you feel.

What books did you read in December? Should any of them be on my list of potential reads? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “December Wrap-Up

  1. Wardens of Eternity I thought started out doing too much too fast but it does settle into an interesting story. It ends in a unexpected way too which was intriguing enough that it took it from a 3-star to a 4-star rating for me.
    Beyond the Shadowed Earth sounds great! I’ll have to keep it on my radar.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I might give Wardens of Eternity another chance in the future, but as for right now, I’m gonna have to pass. It’s unfortunate. I wanted to like the book, and it just fell short.
      Beyond the Shadowed Earth was pretty good, and I definitely recommend reading Echo North if you haven’t already. Joanna is a pretty great author. Enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

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