Book Review: Releasing the Gods (The Titan Saga #1)

releasing the gods.jpgTitle: Releasing the Gods (The Titan Saga #1)

Author: Leia Stone & Jaymin Eve

Pub. Date: November 2, 2019

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.75

Maisy Parker isn’t asking for a lot in life. Just good friends, good fun, and finally reaching one hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

She’s well on her way to all of that, until one drunken dare ends up with a cut hand, blood sacrifices, and a thousand-year-old prison opening to reveal a giant of a man.

Finding herself with a Titan of a problem, she does the only thing that makes sense in that situation: selfie. Because he’s beyond hot, and that has got to be worth twenty thousand followers.

Only it turns out, this is no joke.

Cronus is really a Titan, and he’s set out to destroy the leader of the Greek pantheon.

When Maisy makes a colossal mistake, unleashing an untold evil on the world, Cronus is the only one that can help her.

Maisy is starting to see that she should have been less interested in Instagram and more interested in the impending end of the world.

An end she quite possibly caused—not that she’s admitting to anything just yet.

This will be a spoiler free review…with some language.

I’m going to start with the thing I actually hated the most about this book. It’s literally my one big complaint.

I hated the fucking hashtags in this book.

Maisy’s internal commentary in the form of hashtags was the absolute worst. I found it annoying and distracting and so basically vapid.

Maybe you’re thinking that I’m just overreacting, and it can’t have possibly been that bad. Hell, maybe I am, but every time I read one of them, I felt like it was reinforcing this stereotypical Cali Girl persona. Sure, Maisy demonstrates some of those attributes, but as we learn, it’s more of a front than anything else. It’s a method of coping and survival, and fuck, I just hated them so much.

Overall, I liked Maisy as a character and overall, I really enjoyed the book. So much so that I’m actually mad I have to wait until April to read book 2. Honestly, going into this book, I thought I was going to like Maisy. She felt basic, vapid, and annoying and I thought I was going to have to drag myself through this book or DNF it. She becomes a much more likeable and tolerable character when her walls start to drop, and we start learning about who she actually is. She never lose her sass or sarcasm, but she dropped this ditzy, dumb blonde persona, for a person who has suffered and has had to fight for what she wants. But the damn hashtags and I don’t know anyone who call’s Instagram “the “Gram”.

There were definitely moments that felt like they were trying too hard to be relatable and they just came across as cringey and annoying.

I also think that the pacing was a little fast, but it made for a quick, enjoyable, entertaining read, so it kind of works in favor of the book.

Now, you’re probably wondering if I’m going to try and sell you all this book, and I’m about to.

Holy, hot, Greek Titans.

All over 6 and a half feet, all hot as hell, with personalities only Greek ‘Gods’ could possibly have.

Cronus. Omfg.

Who would’ve thought that the Titans would be anything but the “bad guys”? I mean, Zeus and Co. are always painted as the saviors having locked up the evil Titans…

This book flips that whole script on its head and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It felt familiar enough with the Greek Pantheon, but fresh enough that I felt like I hadn’t read it before. Though, I will say that it did remind me a bit of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Titan Series (The Return, The Power, The Struggle, The Prophecy), but in the best way possible. I love that series, so I have no qualms.

I liked the chemistry and the banter between Cronus and Maisy, and I thought their bond was pretty funny at times. I’m super not happy with the way the book ended, because what the hell, cliffhanger, but of course it had to happen that way. I will say that I saw that reveal coming from pretty early on, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to dive into the second one come April. I’m anxiously anticipating it’s release. If you like Greek Gods and snarky banter, and end of the world destruction all in a New Adult package, you should definitely check this book out.

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