5 Characters That Could Really Use A Hug

They’re in just about every book. Those characters who have just been through so much and are suffering to the point of self-destruction, who would probably greatly benefit from a nice long comforting hug.

Sometimes a firm shake by the shoulders, or undivided attention is paired with that long hug, but they seriously need the hug, nevertheless. Lexi over on Twitter – go follow her! – gave me the idea for this post and I absolutely love it.

I was going to post my review for Chain of Gold, but I think I need to sit on my thoughts for a day, but there was a character in it, that I think falls under this category.

I should also warn you that, there are at least 2 Brigid Kemmerer Characters included in this small list, but I doubt that shocks you.

Okay, let’s start with Matthew Fairchild.

img_8142Who: Matthew Fairchild

Book: Chain of Gold

Author: Cassandra Clare

Would it be a Shadowhunter’s novel if at least one of the characters was a bit self-destructive and relied on some kind of vice to get through the day?

You might actually have to tell me if I’m right about that, because it’s been a hot moment since I’ve been in this world of Cassie Clare’s. For the better part of the second half of this book, I just wanted to wrap Matthew up in a hug. That poor boy is suffering, and it pains me. I wish I could just reach into the book and pull him out of it.

*Art by Charlie Bowater

img_8148Then let’s jump to Prince Rhen.

Who: Rhen

Book: A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

If you’ve read A Heart So Fierce and Broken, then you know that poor Rhen is not okay and makes a few very Not Good choices. You’ll either continue loving him or will probably hate him. I don’t hate him. I disapprove of his choices – remember that shaking of the shoulders I mentioned earlier? – but it’s hard to hate him because the poor boy isn’t okay. He’s suffering and after I thoroughly shake some sense into him, he’s going to need a hug. You know, with everything that was going on with him, I doubt there was much truly comforting contact. Harper get on that.

*Art by Margherita Abitino

As Brigid is the Queen of making her poor characters suffer, we come to Rob.

call it what you wantWho: Rob

Book: Call It What You Want

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Now, I’m always a fan of Brigid’s cast of characters in her books, but poor Rob. That boy had it rough, on top of being in High School. I spent the entirety of that book just wanting to pull Rob into a nice, healing hug. A hug that said “I’m here for you” – okay, not going to lie, that sounded weird in my head as I typed it. I hope it sounds weird in yours too. Dealing with the aftermath of his father’s illegal schemes, Rob faces all the backlash, and the poor boy doesn’t deserve it. Please, Brigid, stop throwing your poor characters off cliffs. I beg, my heart can’t take it!

*I fully expect for my heart to be constantly ripped out of my chest with each new book.

img_8151Next we have Malachiasz.

Who: Malachiasz

Book: Wicked Saints

Author: Emily A. Duncan

Phew, oh boy. If any character on this list, really needs a hug, it’s this boy. I mean, what Emily puts him though…it’s not fair and you end up just wanting to shake him, hard, and then pull him into hug, where he’ll probably just stand there, stiff as a board. Malachaisz probably has it the roughest out of all of these characters, and how Wicked Saints ends, I’m pretty sure he’ll need a lifetime of hugs. I haven’t yet read Ruthless Gods, but I have a feeling he doesn’t get them in that book either.

* Art by BlackBird Art

img_8149And finally – this one’s a bit specific – Thomas Cresswell.

Who: Thomas Cresswell

Book: Escaping from Houdini

Author: Kerri Maniscalco

Like I said, a bit specific. I would gladly volunteer to just hug Cresswell if he weren’t fictional…a shame. But with Audrey Rose’s horrible actions all throughout EFH, Thomas could have used a few hugs. This is probably my least favorite book in this series, just due to Audrey Rose’s actions, but poor Thomas. That boy needed hugs during that book, and Audrey was too busy with another guy to pay attention. I’m angry on a fictional character’s behalf…we’ve all be there, don’t lie.

Tell me what are some characters you think, who could really use a nice, long, comforting hug?






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