Currently Reading & Watching #12

Uh, so, I binge read an entire book just now.

I chose to finish the book, before writing this blog post.

Probably should have paused the book, because now this post goes live in like 5 hours, and I’m really only just getting started.

At least it’s a shorter post.

I won’t go into too much detail about the book, since I’m going to mention it in a second and I’ll have a full review up next week, but I will say that I’ve already bought book 2. Thank goodness for ebooks. I totally should read something else that’s actually on my TBR, but I’m totally diving into book 2 later today…tomorrow?…when it’s daylight.


Fated (The Will of Yggdrasil #1) – Sara C. Roethle

This is the one I just finished, and while it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down. Obviously, since I binged it. I read so much anymore – not that I’m complaining – but often I find that I don’t enjoy the book or the act of reading.

Okay, that came out wrong.

I enjoy the books, but I have the critical part of my brain on – I have to if I’m going to review. They also tend to be very expansive books that you have to pay attention to. Then there are books like this one that I don’t need to necessarily pay attention because I can easily guess the plot and what might happen, so I can just turn my brain of and enjoy it and just the act of reading.

Is this making any sense?

If not, I can talk more about the book in the full review coming next week…or maybe in a separate post.


Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

Twitter made me do it. I’m enjoying it, a lot. There are moments where I find the whole cast annoying and overwhelming, and I don’t think I’d like any of them in real life. But the writing is pretty good, and it’s oddly relatable in a sense. I’m glad I started it, but I’m not happy that I’m already on season 4.

Grey’s Anatomy (Live TV)

I’m pissed at how they’re handling Karev’s storyline. Like actually angry. It just feels dirty and wrong and I’m pissed. It’s making the show unenjoyable. I’m still going to watch it, because I’m trash, but ugh. Also, DeLuca…just ugh all around.

Station 19 (Live TV)

Legit the only reason I’m watching this show each week, because they’ve decided to do this season…half of the season as constant joint episodes. Like every single episode is a crossover. Maybe not the whole cast, but enough people show up in each, from both shows, you kind of have to watch both to get the whole episode. On one hand it’s brilliant, on the other hand it’s freaking annoying as hell.

The Walking Dead (Live TV)

Negan is making some questionable choices and I’m not happy. I’m no longer a fan of Carol and Daryl needs a freaking hug…and maybe a beer.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Live TV)

I started this last week on a whim and didn’t have anything else to watch besides YouTube videos. I’m a sucker for musical anything, so this is right up my alley. I love that it’s like a rom com, lighthearted, but has some more serious notes and emotional weight. I’m really enjoying this, and I can’t wait for the next episode.

28 thoughts on “Currently Reading & Watching #12

  1. We watch both Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy, and are enjoying the crossovers too, and yes, I agree, I’m pissed with the Karev storyline, or lack thereof … is he leaving, being written out, or working elsewhere, what? Really odd, is all I can say.

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    1. I know Justin Chambers left to pursue other things/mental health reasons – or so media outlets say, but what’s happening to his storyline is absolute trash. And I understand wanting to move on, but like, finish the storyline in some way that’s good to the character and the fans. Karev deserves more than how he’s being handled. ALSO after everything he and Jo went through last season, what a crap way to write him off. Maybe we’ll find out on tonights episodes what’s going on with him.
      AND other than his marriage with Jo, WHAT ABOUT HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH MEREDITH? Ugh, I’m so annoyed.
      I’m sad that season 17 is looking to be the last, but at the same time, with no Karev, I don’t know if I’d continue for multiple more seasons.

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      1. Oh, I didn’t know he had left, I love the show but don’t really follow what the actors get up to outside, I just thought they were doing the usual dumb ass drama. Especially as the pair had just gotten married. Isn’t that what they do? Throw in unnecessary curve balls every other week. I just wish there were a little more continuity. Last season was great with the 3 sisters, I love that dynamic. But the men on the show have been getting nothing in the way of anything interesting to do, these days. And yeah, this might be the last, which would be a shame.

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      2. I don’t usually follow the actors outside of the show, but that news kind of popped up all over my FB page due to friends sharing it.
        I WISH it was jut regular Grey’s drama. That I could understand.
        And I agree. I’m all for Girl Power, and the Sister’s dynamic but it’s getting a bit tired on the show. I need the guys to have more active roles in the plot, rather than reactive.
        I think Grey’s suffers from not keeping track of the minute detail that happen and how they impact the characters. So many things have been just ignored or left behind to further the storyline.


  2. Oh, I agree about the lack of follow through on details and character arcs. The truth is, they need new life, and link and the others never really got a chance to do anything other than to be eye candy. Maybe the latest batch of new characters will help, who knows, it needs something. And while I watch Station 19, it’s been somewhat predictable too.

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    1. I really think that season 17 is going to be the end. It feels like they’re trying to wrap it up, they need to wrap it up if it’s going to continue to go downhill.
      After tonight’s episode, I’m even more infuriated with how they’re handling Karev and with next week being the big reveal as to what happened to him, I’m not thrilled. At this point, I don’t know if there is any reason they could give that would placate me.


      1. It’s frustrating, annoying, and, at the same time, sad on so many levels. It’s like they need to sack the writers and get some new blood in. But then, like you said, if we’re honest, the show has done it all and run its course. Maybe time for something new?

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  3. We have a few medical, dramas here on TV, in Canada. One called Nurses and another that just started called Transplant, I’m hoping they’ll fill the void.

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      1. Hmm, I don’t remember Night Shift will have to look that one up. I had friends who were huge House fans, but I never really like the lead actor.

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      2. I didn’t watch it when it was live, but I binged it on Netflix.
        I like House but I get too in my head after watching it and suddenly think I’m dying from like 1 in a million diseases 😂🙈so I can’t binge it.

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    1. House is really the only show that I get that way with. It’s probably because it’s heavier on the medical, whereas Medical Drama’s tend to be more about the drama in a medical setting.🙈

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      1. That’s true, they’re mostly about the relationships and not the medical aspect. And I’m not keen on watching people being cut up, or the blood, so yeah, I tend to watch the less gruesome shows anyway. 😀

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      2. If it’s medical like Grey’s I’m okay. Not a fan of like real life, TLC kind of medical shows.
        Idk if I’d call it a medical drama per se, but have you tried Hart of Dixie, or Virgin River? Both are on Netflix, both deal with small town doctors. Hart of Dixie is a little more lighthearted, where Virgin River is a little emotionally heavy. I love Hart of Dixie, and just started Virgin River. I’d highly recommend both.

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  4. Oh, now those two shows sound more up my street. I’ll have to check them out. Nurses is turning out to be an over the top drama so I’m going to give it a pass from here on in. We watch a couple of episodes of a Brit show, Britannia and, holy cow, was it ever violent. That’s another hard pass. By the way I blog about TV and life here: if you’re interested.

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    1. Just followed🤗
      Britannia is the one on Prime right? Like the Celts and it’s kind of fantasy? Or maybe I’m thinking of something else. But if it is what I’m thinking of, I kind of liked the show. I can deal with gore if it’s in a fictional setting. My brains weird like that.
      But Hart of Dixie and Virgin River are definitely worth checking out. Pretty identical plots, but WHOLLY different feels.

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  5. Aw, thanks! ☺️ And yeah, this the Amazon Prime show about the Romans and Brits. I think bits irked me because I love history and, as a Brit, I expect more from these kind of shows, Don’t get me wrong, we still watch the first season and, for the most part, enjoyed how camp it was, especially Zoë Wanamaker (love her) but I wish they would stop dumbing down dialogue on these shows.

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    1. It’s probably been about a year since I watched the show, so I don’t really remember much, especially the dialogue. Maybe I’ll remember when season 2 finally comes out…whenever that might be. I know I started watching it when I caught up on what Prime had of Vikings (which is a stellar show and a fave).

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      1. Oh, yeah, Vikings was so much better than Britannia, and yeah there is a season 2 but I think that’s all they made? Have to check and see. And we don’t have prime, but Apple TV, where we can access these show. We got that free because we had to buy a new iMac.

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      2. Vikings is a superior show for sure. and last time I checked, season 2 of Britannia wasn’t available yet. I don’t even know if I remember enough of the first season lol


  6. I would love to see a few more shows like Vikings, with solid historical settings. Never did like Highlander, but watched Turn, about the American war of independence, which I enjoyed.

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    1. Yeah, I’m going to be really sad when Vikings ends.
      I haven’t seen either of those, but I’m watching Outlander…which isn’t nearly the same thing, at all lol. It just makes me want to go back to Scotland…well Skye in particular.

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      1. Turn was a really interesting show, I really enjoyed it. Outlander? Nope, not my thing, couldn’t get past the first couple of episodes. Tried to watch Amazing Stories on Apple TV last night, and both my partner and I were left rolling our eyes. Oh and what did you think of Grey’s Anatomy and the Karev story? Nuts!

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      2. Sometimes I’m iffy with my historical shows. I like them more on the fantasy side, but I’ll look into Turn.
        Strangely enough, I wasn’t an Outlander fan season 1, I never finished it. I didn’t watch season 2. My dad was watching season 3 and I happened to always be in the room when he was watching and I kind of got hooked. I really wish they’d go back to Scotland lol. Timeline wise, we’re up to the start of the American Revolution, and I’ve never really been the biggest fan of American History. European History is more interesting to me.
        I haven’t heard of Amazing Stories, thought maybe it’s not worth checking out LOL
        and YUP. In my head, Alex died in a car crash going to see his mother. What they did to his character was defamation! He would NEVER do that to Mer, to Jo, to any of his family in Seattle. And he definitely wouldn’t do it for Izzie. Ugh, they screwed him over big time. I get that they had to do something, but they didn’t have to do that – tossing all his character growth out the damn window. It was like someone who didn’t know the character was writing a bad fanfic ending. It was horrible, I wasn’t a fan, and I raged through that entire episode.

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  7. Oh, I might give Outlander another go then, from season 3. ☺️ And rage at Grey’s? Oh yeah, I raged. I was like, wtf, this is garbage, and for all the reasons you stated, it just wasn’t plausible. And fanfic is the best way to describe that episode, as if some amateur who has never watched the show for 16 years, wrote the episode. Despicable is what it was. Oh, well, what can we do, we’re just the viewer. 🙄

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    1. Why not, it doesn’t hurt to give it another go!
      I didn’t even watch Grey’s last night. I kind of forgot it was even on. I wonder what the viewer ratings were from last night’s episode?


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