Characters Who Need Hugs Pt. 2

And I’m back with a Part 2!

When my first blog post – 5 Characters Who Could Really Use A Hug – with this content went live, I got a handful of Tweets and a few comments, of other characters who would benefit from hugs. Honestly, there are so many, and my first list alone, could have been solely Brigid Kemmerer characters.

After responding to the Tweets and comments, an idea struck – what if I asked for your input?

So, I did.

I asked for your help in curating a list of character you felt needed a hug. I asked for you to give a sentence or two, or even just a reason as to why you felt the way you did.

You all delivered.

I have quite the list of characters, and some of them I honestly never would have thought of! It’s quite a list and I’m really excited to share it with you all!

13 more characters who have it so rough at times, readers feel they need a comforting hug.

Since there are so many more than the first time, I did this, we’re just going to jump right in!

Tilly (@KissesTilly) over on Twitter suggested:

song of the currentWho: Caro

Book: Song of the Current

Author: Sarah Tolcser

That girl is in need of a long hug. Like one of those ‘it’s okay to not always be okay’ hugs, you know? She’s put through so much in this book!!

beautiful creaturesWho: Link

Book: Beautiful Creatures

Author: Kami Garcia.

This boy really does go through some stuff he didn’t sign up for, huh? But he’s just a good person and so he deserves a hug!

things we know by heartWho: Quinn

Book: Things We Know By Heart

Author: Jessi Kirby.

That girl needs a best friend hug. She needs a weekend away, tissues so she can cry it all out and a long hug!

Sammy (@SuchABadBASS) over on Twitter suggested:

shadow and boneWho: The Darkling

Book: The Shadow and Bone Trilogy

Author: Leigh Bardugo

He needs a big hug. He’s such a hard worker and needs a good minute to rest and relax from everything he does. Also, being all powerful is exhausting and being that AND attractive? I can’t.

the forbidden gameLexi (@LexiStankewitz) over on Twitter suggested:

Who: Julian aka “The Shadow Man”

Book: The Forbidden Game

Author: L.J.Smith

He either need hugs or therapy. Or both.

img_8305Who: Lucien

Book: A Court of Thorns and Rose Series

Author: Sara J. Maas

He suffered Tamlin much longer than Feyre did and did so without support from the inner circle. I empathize with him, so he could use a hug.

Art by Charlie Bowater 

img_8306Who: Azriel

Book: A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

Auhtor:” Sarah J. Maas

My poor baby bat.

Art by Charlie Bowater

twlight@MeegsReads over on Twitter suggested:

Who: Leah Clearwater

Book: The Twilight Saga

Author: Stephenie Meyer

She always seems to draw the short straw in life.


I want to thank those of you who participated in this list – so, thank you! This post wouldn’t exist without your support and comments! Reading all of your great responses got me thinking, and I have a few more characters I think could really use a hug.


Who: Aurelia

Book: Bloodleaf & Greythorne

Author: Crystal Smith

She has so much on her plate with everything that is going on and that she goes through in these books. She might not have time for a hug, but I think she could benefit from one.

Air AwakensWho: Daniel

Books: Air Awakens Series

Author: Elise Kova

Not to be spoilery, but poor Daniel kind of draws the really short end of the stick and is dealt a pretty crap hand at life. If anyone is ever in need of a hug, it’s him.

img_8137Who: Jesse Blackthorne

Book: Chain of Gold

Author: Cassandra Clare

He seems so soft and sweet, and also dealt a crappy hand. I want more of him.

Art by Charlie Bowater

img_8136Who: Alastair Carstairs

Book: Chain of Gold

Author: Cassandra Clare

This poor boy. I never thought I’d say that when I first started Chain of Gold, but by the end…He’s trying and that’s all that matters, and if he got a hug from the right person…

Art by Charlie Bowater

only a breath apartWho: Jesse

Book: Only a Breath Apart

Author: Katie McGarry

I just wanted to hug him throughout the whole book. His life hadn’t been easy, still wasn’t easy and after a huge loss he has to figure out who he is. He has to prove that he can take care of himself. He had to grow up so quickly, and even has a child he had to deal with things no child should have to deal with. His mother is constantly telling him that their family is cursed, that they can never find love or happiness because it will end in disaster.

IMG_6130.JPG 2Who: Rev

Book: More Than We Can Tell

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

This boy. He goes through so much and I love him. Yes, another Brigid Character, are you really surprised? I can’t help that she makes her characters suffer so much I feel the need to comfort them.

Phew, this list is a lot longer than I thought it would be, and I’m sure there are plenty of characters still missing from it. So, if you have any more, leave them in the comments below!

I’m thinking of maybe doing another post along the same lines, thought with characters that legit made you rage. Like, the moment they stepped onto the page, you just couldn’t. I can think of quite a few antagonists that either made me stop reading the book entirely, or made me so angry with their actions, I wanted to chuck the book across the room.

So, here’s my question to you, what characters make you so irrationally mad, that you want to chuck the book across the room. If you want to participate in that post, make sure you leave your name and/or link (or Twitter handle) I can tag you with!

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