Weird Phenomena

Years ago, I jokingly told a friend that my grandparent’s house was haunted. I can’t remember the exact story I concocted, but I do remember her fully believing it. I think I said that the ghost that haunted the house was usually pretty nice, but we had to appease her. I really wish I could remember the entire story, because I remember it being kind of spooky and something I would absolutely hate if it were true. I also have no idea why my friend believed me and the story as strongly as she did.

I had her going for years, and she wanted to go up to the house to meet the ghost. A little backstory, my grandparent’s house is located up in Western Maryland – like if you look at a map of Maryland, that tiny little narrow bit, that’s where they live. The house is in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The house itself is located on a hill, which is brutal to walk up. Another little tidbit, my grandpa built the house and there was some contention there, with the land or something and all of this just lent credibility to the whole story.

I eventually told this friend that it was all a stupid elaborate joke, and it didn’t wreck our friendship.

Maybe a year or so later, after telling my friend – I happened to tell my mom this story. She asked why I would create such a story to spook my friend, and honestly, I don’t remember my reasoning. Then my mom told me some instances, and then I started thinking that maybe my story wasn’t so far off. She told me about some unexplainable instances that happened to her and to other people in her family…the more unexplainable ones taking place in the house.

So…maybe a ghost haunting that house, isn’t so far off, you decide.

I don’t have verbatim accounts, and I can’t ask my grandma anymore about what she actually experienced, so here are a few weird phenomena that I don’t ever want to experience.

My grandma would always hear glass breaking somewhere in the house whenever there was a death in the family, or family friend. She could never find the glass that she heard breaking, but if she heard breaking glass, she knew that someone had died.

When my mom still lived in my grandparents when she was younger, she would hear a music box in her bedroom closet. She tore the closet apart, her brothers tore it apart, but no one could ever find the music box. She only ever heard it once, but the source of the music was never discovered. She’s adamant that it came from inside her closet.

My mom also dreams about when people are pregnant. She won’t know prior if the couple is trying or expecting. She told me about a coworker, and she went in and jokingly said, ‘I had a dream your wife was pregnant, weird, huh?’ She’d never met his wife, and the guy was shocked. Turns out, his wife had just found out, and hadn’t told anyone yet. My mom has had a few of these dreams over the years, and she can’t explain it. She insists that she doesn’t know before she dreams about it, and when she casually brings it up to the couple, they’re always shocked.

These next two might be a little less unexplainable and a little more founded in grief, but I still find them weird.

It’s been quite a few years now, but my Uncle had to put his dog down. He had a fantastic life and it was unfortunately time. My Uncle said that the box his dog was in, sat on his dog bed in front of the window for months before he could bring himself to move him. My Uncle said, during the time the box sat in front of the window, he would occasionally hear his dog’s toenails on the hardwood floor. He would also hear the occasional bark. Once he moved the box, he stopped hearing his dog.

In my dog’s old age, like the last nine – twelve months of his life, he would bark at night. We think it’s because he would spend more and more time sleeping during the day, so he was up at night. My Dad think that he was barking at all the other dogs we have, and family members have lost up in heaven.

Shit, I just started crying. 

Anyways, he would bark, usually just once or twice, but he would often wake up my parents. I was always up later than them, so I would quiet him. Usually though, I would already be upstairs and listening to Netflix or music while I got ready for bed. So, I trained myself to hear his barks over my noise canceling headphones. It’s been four months…

Oh wow, that just hit me. It’s been four months since we lost him.

It’s been four months, and almost every night as I’m getting ready for bed, I hear him bark. Just one bark and only when I’m upstairs in my bathroom. I never hear him any other time.

I think these last two examples are probably more about grief and missing our dogs, but the fact that my Uncle doesn’t hear his dog anymore and I only hear mine when I’m in the bathroom with headphones on, it makes me wonder.

As for the other examples, I have no explanation and if they happened to me, I’d be getting the hell out of dodge. I’m not a fan of hauntings or ghosts, or anything tied to that kind of creepy. It feels too real and there are enough unexplainable instances where people swear about hauntings and ghosts.

There’s also a lot of history and information about my ancestry that isn’t known and isn’t talked about. A lot of hush, hush, leaving in the middle of the night, never speak of it again kind of stuff. Unfortunately, there really isn’t anyone to ask anymore, not that they would have said anything anyways. So, really, it’s not surprising that there are some spooky unexplainable phenomena that happened in the house.

Have you ever experienced something you legitimately can’t explain?

8 thoughts on “Weird Phenomena

  1. I’ve had several weird experiences in my house. These are the two weirdest ones. (Sorry for the long comment) The first one was years ago when I was talking with my dad. We walked into my parent’s bedroom to grab something and when we were walking out of the room we saw a large black dog run up the stairs into my sister’s room. We stood there shocked and then ran into my sister’s room to see where it went. We couldn’t find the dog anywhere and our cats weren’t in the room either. We didn’t have a dog.

    The next incident was years later. We had adopted three dogs at this point and I was essentially pet sitting for my parents. It was just me, my sisters, and my elderly grandfather at home. I was sleeping in the basement with the dogs because they’re not allowed upstairs so I wanted to keep an eye on them and keep them company. As I’m sleeping, I hear three knocks on the glass door. Knock, knock, knock. My dogs start barking like crazy. I immediately jump out of bed to see who’s there. There’s no one at the door, there’s no one running up the stairs. I don’t hear anyone else moving in the house. I go upstairs to check on my sisters to see if they were pranking me but everyone was dead asleep. Still don’t know who knocked.

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      1. Yeah, I wanted to nope out of there too. I haven’t experienced anything like that since and I still don’t know what would have caused it.

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  2. My fiance told me that he had an uncle he had not talked to in years. He awoke from a dream that told him he should call him and he decided to the next morning. His uncle died in his sleep the night of the dream. Great post.

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