Books/Series I Want Netflix To Adapt

Is asking for my favorite series to be adapted into another medium that I can consume too much to ask? I can re-read series whenever I want, but sometimes, I don’t want to stare at words on a page. Sometimes I just want to plop down in front of my laptop, open Netflix and experience stories that way.


I think there is tons of YA that could easily and very successfully be adapted for the screen – whether it be a movie or a series. Any high fantasy should automatically be a series, because I want as much time spent on the plot and characters as possible. As for contemporaries, bring back rom coms!

This post isn’t going to have every book or series that I would love to see adapted. If I were to do that, I’d be writing this post for forever and you’d be reading for a very long time. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a part 2. These are just my thoughts and opinions.

Let’s start with the obvious:

Throne of Glass / ACOTAR / Crescent City (Sarah J. Maas) –

Now, I know that TOG is supposedly being adapted on Hulu, but it’s been years and like, nothing seems to be happening with it. Ideally, this would be a series, and I think it could be really cool animated. As much as I would love live action, Lord of the Rings quality, I think there would be more wiggle room and ability to make it more accurate to the books. I know next to nothing about animation besides a single high school computer science class, so maybe I’m completely wrong. Really, any of Sarah’s series would make fantastic epic fantasy shows – with the success that was Game of Thrones, I think that they’d really work. But I’d want them as accurate to the books as possible and fleshed out as much as possible.

The Inheritance Cycle (Christopher Paolini) –

Redo Eragon. Live action, with the people behind Lord of the Rings, epic multi-season high fantasy show. I like the Eragon movie, but I’m biased due to my love for the books. I do think the movie wasn’t made at the right time and that’s why it really never kicked off. Now, if someone put down the funds, and took the time to adapt it, you could easily have the next “Game of Thrones” type show. 4 books, tons of material, it’s a hero’s journey story with dragons, action and war. We know these kinds of stories do well, so come on, adapt it (again) already.

Air Awakens (Elise Kova) –

Another high fantasy, epic journey to save the world. Elise has created such a vivid and diverse world that it would translate so well to a screen. I think this could go well either live action or animated. If done right, it would be a gorgeous live action, but I think there’s more freedom and ability to get it perfect with animation. You’re not relying on a filming location actually existing – you could just draw it.

The Witchlands (Susan Dennard) –

Okay, at this point, I think I’m starved for high fantasy shows. Susan is another one who has chosen her words so carefully that it would be so easy to adapt everything to a screen. Each season could follow a book – but like, make the seasons long. Not like 10 episodes, like 24, split the season in half, I don’t care. Just don’t leave things out for the sake of time. Some of my all-time favorite scenes happen in these books, and while they’re so vivid in my brain, seeing them translate to a screen would be incredible.

The Lux Series (Jennifer L. Armentrout) –

I mean, this is basically Roswell, but this series would be so fun for SF lovers. I think it could have the same feeling as The 100 and obviously the new Roswell. If it were to be adapted, I think you could probably do a movie per book, as the books aren’t super long. I’m not necessarily sure it would adapt well to a show. But everyone should be able to fall in love with Daemon.

You’d be Mine / More Than Maybe (Erin Hahn) –

Rom Coms. Bring them back. These two books are so obviously meant to be movies. And since there is music in them, you’d have a built-in soundtrack. Okay, so maybe these books aren’t exactly comedic, and they deal with some heavier topics, but you get what I mean. Most YA contemporary would do so well, and Netflix should jump on that.

Brigid Kemmerer –

I’m not listing one book, because just adapt all of them. Her contemporaries would do so well as movies. The Elementals would be along the lines of The Lux, as either movie per book, or season per book, and the Cursebreaker series would make for an excellent series. Her characters are so relatable, that you wouldn’t have to have read the books to feel connected (assuming the books were adapted well).

Unknown Trilogy (Wendy Higgins) –

I’m starved for SF shows, clearly. Remember back in 2008-2010 when there were all sorts of SF shows on the channels? Traveling to the past, to the future, dystopian realities…let’s bring that back, and this trilogy could do that. Aliens taking over the planet, rebellion, resistance…it’s freaking Independence Day. Give me a few seasons where we see the group fighting for survival…it would be like Falling Skies!

As an Honorable Mention – freaking redo the Divergent series and actually stick to the damn books instead of doing whatever the hell happened with those movies. Yes, I’m still bitter. Just, recast, reshoot and don’t diverge from the books.

Okay, so I know that for any of those books to be adapted (or adapted again) there needs to be popularity with the series, a desire, and probably a bottomless budget. As much as I would 100% love to see these series be adapted, I’m in no way ever getting my hopes up. I’ve been teased about TOG for so long, that any faith I had is gone. I’ll just sit here, forever wishing and rereading when I want to revisit these worlds.

I’m definitely going to do a part 2 to this post in the future since there are still a bunch of books I want to see adapted, but I’m pushing on 1100 words and this post is getting long.  But I want to ask you – what books or book series would you want to see adapted? I know a lot are missing from my list, so let me know what you would like to see on the silver screen.

10 thoughts on “Books/Series I Want Netflix To Adapt

    1. Thank you! omfg I cannot believe I forgot about that trilogy. 🤦🏻‍♀️ a million times yes. I legit looked at my shadowhunter books, and thought, it’s been done. LOL
      TID needs a multiple, atmospheric season story arc. Can you imagine?

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  1. I’ve given up on TOG being created at this point. But yes to all of Brigid’s books and the Truthwitch series for SURE! I just agree with all of this actually. I want good, authentic book to screen adaptations. Is that too much to ask for?

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    1. I think it is lol. BUT there seems to be a resurgence in YA adaptions, so who knows. Maybe HBO (instead of Netflix) will pick up one of these epic fantasy series as their next GOT. Hell, pick up TOG or ACOTAR, I never thought Hulu was the best platform for TOG anyways.

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      1. Exactly, thats all I want too. I just don’t think Hulu is the right platform for high fantasy. I dont think they’ve produced anything high fantasy to comp it against. also, i dont want to pay more to watch it without commercials LOL

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    1. Thank You! 🤗
      Right?? I think they’d be perfectly suited! And apart from TV shows, I’d kill for graphic novels done by Charlie Bowater. I want them so badly. lol


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