Exhaustion Level: 100

You were supposed to have a book review today.

I was supposed to have finished King Maker by Audrey Grey.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 11.43.08 PMI did a poll on Twitter, in an attempt to force me to write a review for 1 of the 3 audiobooks I’ve finished recently – since I didn’t/haven’t finished King Maker. It was a measly tie and not helpful, lol. I did only run it for an hour, so I’m not surprised. But because of the outcome of the poll, I don’t feel inclined, or feel like I have the mental capacity to write a good review.

All of these reviews are coming, so don’t fret! I just want the energy to do them justice, because I loved all three of these books! I want to be awake and present enough to properly convey my thoughts, and that’s not going to happen if I’m falling asleep over my laptop.

Y’all, I’m exhausted.

Like, physically and mentally beat.

It’s taking everything in me to not fall asleep as I’m writing this. As soon as this is scheduled, I’m off to bed, and I’m going to pass tf out.

61520992963__6bf57810-db96-4329-bc95-0b36a577f005I picked up a 3-week stint at my old job to help them out – it’s a screen printing and embroidery shop and I Pad Print the tags into the back of the shirts. I don’t mind the work and I like the people I work with but working there in the summer is brutal. It’s always hot in the shop during the summers. There are two 300°F+ driers that the shirts have to go down, and they heat up the warehouse. It’s also summer in Maryland, which is always humid and brutal. To top it off, we have to wear masks while at work.

I’m very much complaining, because it sucks.

Like, really sucks.

Being in the heat for 8 hours a day, with a mask on is miserable.

It’s also incredibly exhausting.

I get off at 4, come home, shower to get the sweat and fuzz off, and then it’s all I can do to stay awake. I get that we need to wear them, but omfg I want to rip it off my face for every waking moment I’m there. It gets sweaty and fuzzy and disgusting. All of that sits on my face for 8 hours a day and my skin now hates me.

So, do everyone a favor and wear your fucking masks so we can get rid of them sooner.

I’m not the only one who feels this way – everyone I’ve talked to at work, hates them, and paired with the heat, everyone is exhausted and dead when they get home.

img_0030I haven’t read a physical book since June and I probably won’t until I’m not in the shop anymore. I miss physical books, though being back at the shop as reignited my love for audiobooks. I’ve already listened to 3 in the last 6 workdays.

I have zero energy after work so you’re getting this mini life update thing…post…whatever you want to call it. You’ll get a real post tomorrow – a NetGalley and Edelweiss Update – and then my plan is to crank out next week’s posts all over the weekend, so I’m not left the night before, exhausted trying to muster the energy to do them.

I have another week of work, but now that I’m back into audiobooks, leave me some recs for your favorites! I’m curious and as always, constantly looking for new reads!

I’m off to bed now!

2 thoughts on “Exhaustion Level: 100

    1. Thanks! 🤗
      Yesterday was A Lot, and things just kept piling on, and compounded with the heat of summer…I was just kind of done. Today was much better! Bad days happen to the best of us.
      oooo, I’ll check it out! thank you! I’ve read some Nora Roberts before and enjoyed it!


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