Currently Reading & Watching #17

3328aff5-bbde-492f-9d56-daf26cfdef5bAnother month has passed.

What the heck.

2020, you’ve really made time irrelevant.

I’m currently at the beach, and it’s glorious. I’m getting tan, sitting on the beach for hours, reading books and drinking. It’s honestly so nice to be out of my house. But being at the beach means I’m not watching much of anything, so this post is going to be short.


The Princess Will Save You

I don’t know if it’s because I was super anticipating this book or what, but I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I was going to. It’s not bad, but I’m kind of disappointed. When you tout something as Gender-bent Princess Bride, it sends a message. So far, I’m just kind of confused about the mechanics of the world, and I don’t really feel anything for the characters. I’m still in the beginning of the book, so maybe that will change. I hope it will change.

img_0291King Maker

I’ve been reading this for a month, and I’m still only halfway through. I enjoy the book every time I pick it up, but it’s long and whenever I have time to pick it up, I’m exhausted. If I hadn’t been working, I most definitely would have finished it at the beginning of the month, but alas that’s not the case. I brought it with me to the beach, but I have other beach reads I want to get to while I’m here.

The Empire of Gold

I was listening to the audiobook while at work and I have a little over 4 hours left. I’m stressed, and I left off on a very stressful reunion and I can’t bring myself to finish it because I’m terrified of how it will end. I want to finish it, because I need to know how it all ends, but the potential ending terrifies me, and if I don’t finish, it can’t hurt me.


NetGalley granted me a chapter sampler of Alex Bracken’s next book, and I’m only like 30% into it and already I know that I’m going to be really annoyed waiting for the finished book. I’m a sucker for Greek Mythology and this seems like a fresh take, so I’m pumped!


I’m on vacation, spending most of my time drinking and reading, so apart from about 30 min of HGTV right before I go to bed, I really haven’t watched much of anything this month. While I was at work, I came home too exhausted to watch anything, and I had to muster enough energy to read, blog and do basic things around the house.

I have wasted way too much time on TikTok, so if you want to count that as watching things…then I’ve spent too many hours on the app.

What have you been reading & watching?

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