Okay, today’s post is a bit different from other Spotlight posts I’ve done in the past. We’re not focusing on an author, or a series of books, but rather, a whole new platform that all book lovers should be aware of.

The Book Terminal!

If you’re active on Twitter – like me – then you 1) should already be following The Book Terminal (@booksterminal) & Book Terminal Tours (@ToursTerminal) – which I’ll get to later in this post – and 2) have probably seen and/or interacted with the various tweets both accounts put out. If you’re not already following both of these accounts, you’re seriously missing out, and have probably already missed out on some really amazing tour opportunities with some amazing books. I would also give them a follow over on Instagram – @tours.terminal

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. If you’re not on Twitter, then you’re probably wondering what The Book Terminal is.

Have you ever wanted a one stop shop for all your bookish wants and needs?

Well, now you have one! Between Blog Tours for various books, to Bookish Businesses, Pre-Order Campaigns, Book Recaps and a Blogger Database (that anyone can join) – it’s all right there, packaged nicely and neatly for easy access!

From the Website:

This website started out as a database for book lovers to find new friends to follow.

It has evolved into so much more!

It now hosts blog tours, promotes bookish businesses, and more. We work every day to add new features to keep this website fresh and interactive. We love to promote books, influencers, and small bookish businesses.

Please have a look around and if you can donate to help support this website we would be forever grateful. All money goes into keeping the website fresh, updated, and new features added.

I’ve already gone ahead and added my blog to their database, and I highly suggest you do too. I’ve also spent some time perusing the Pre-Order Campaigns, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have all that information in one place. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to scour the internet for various campaigns for books I was pre-ordering. Having it all available at the click of one button – it’s brilliant.

I love that they’ve added a recap section – how many times have I gone into a book a year or two later not having remembered what happened in book 1? Countless of times. I cannot wait to see how that part of the site blooms, because I know that there has been a clamoring for recaps to be put in sequels as a refresher.

Having all these Bookish Shops in one place is freaking wonderful. It makes shopping so easy…almost too easy, RIP my wallet. Before I used to have to search specific key words or fandoms and I might stumble across a bookish shop – or I’d see them on Insta. Having a bunch readily available that I can peruse…again, RIP my wallet.

And last, but not least, and maybe the most exciting – the blog tours. They have a whole section for the blog tours they’re running, and if you subscribe to their newsletter, you get first dibs at signing up. Granted, it’s still all random, but you get early access – which is enough of a perk for me. Right now, they only have one tour accepting sign-ups, and you should go sign up – like, seriously, go do it. I’m waiting to see if I get chosen for their latest tour announcement – I’m super dying to read the book. I’m not going to tell you what it is, because you can go check out the web page to see what they are.

I also want to do a quick shout out, a quick thank you to The Book Terminal and the wonderful people behind it for choosing my blog to be featured on the site this week! It means so much, and despite the fact, I knew they did this, it was still a nice little surprise when I saw the tweet.

Auburn, Shreya and Sammy have done such an amazing job with the site and I cannot wait to see how it evolves overtime. I know they’ve each put in a lot of work and it’s so wonderful seeing the positive responses the site and its amenities are getting. Having everything in one central location is so nice and so convenient. I applaud the work you all are doing. I’ve linked all their Twitter accounts, so make sure you follow them!

I love this site, the ease and convenience of it. I highly suggest you check it out and utilize it. Let me know if you do!

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