Author Spotlight: A. Roxanica

I’m back with another spotlight post! This one is for Dragonian Toy – a paranormal gay erotica book and the first in a series. The author reached out to see if I was interested in reviewing, and due to a packed review schedule, I offered to do a spotlight post! You all know I love bringing underrated books to your attention, so here I am, doing just that!

Not every adventure has a happy start, not every soul can save the world. Evil hides as justice and heroes wear a monstrous cape. So few can see the peace behind a mirror, have faith in joy behind a grave… And yet, none of it matters, if you don’t have the freedom.
Dragonian Toy is a fantasy adventure erotica with a mix of comedy and little bit of drama. Once a boy gets a chance to become a dragon-infused hero of a fantasy world, his dreams are soon shattered and he gets tied up with a vampire, exploring many spicy things about his captor, the new world and himself.

I really love the simplicity of the cover – the solid black with the white. Looking at it just now, I just realized that there is another face profile in the moon, and I love that? Honestly, I’d buy a copy of this book solely for the cover.

I love doing these kinds of posts that bring awareness to books that rarely hit mainstream radars. I’ve found so many good books that I never see anyone talking about, so I really enjoy shining a spotlight on underrated books. You never know when a book is going to be what a reader has been searching for, so I will keep doing these kinds of posts!

I don’t really read erotica – I have, but it’s not a go to genre for me, but who knows, maybe this will be a book you will want to check out!

Since I haven’t yet read this book, and it’s only been out for just over a month, I’m going to link directly to a review that the author shared with me – and I highly recommend you check it out! I also think if you’re a dragon fan, this *might* be somewhere up your alley. But before I do that, here’s the synopsis!

At times, everyone dreams to become a protagonist of a fantasy story, to be a hero that can use unlimited magic. However, even the greatest power can be easily lost when the harsh reality of a ravaged world strikes.

There are so many souls tied into every adventure, both vicious traitors and unexpected allies, and the worst of them all can turn out to be the one you need the most, the only one who can ensure your survival.

If he is prepared, then it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is, as the life in captivity sees no storm outside the cage.

And once the immortal has caught you, what will he choose to do?

I mean, it does sound interesting! It kind of reminds me of Captive Prince – though, that’s a guess because I have yet to read that book as well. But maybe if you liked that book/series, this will be something you’re interested in.

Since I haven’t had a chance yet to read this – here is the review I was provided – feel free to check out Alex @ Alextheshadowgirl and her full review of Dragonian Toy. It’s really good and comprehensive! It makes me want to move it up on my TBR.  

I also have links for you!


Amazon US 

Amazon India 

Let me know if you check out this book, and make sure you leave a review if you do! As a final note, I just want to thank A. Roxanica for reaching out and letting me help promote her book!

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