Currently Reading & Watching #18

I’m not really sure how we’re already at the end of August – time in 2020 has been so weird.

too-many-books-so-little-time.gif (363×204 | Book quotes, Books ...

Now that I’m back from my two separate weeks at the beach, I’m ready for Fall. I don’t want to lose my tan, but I’m ready for jeans, chunky sweaters and boots. I’m also ready to be able to drink hot coffee without sweating, and for the humidity to break here in Maryland. I’m ready for cooler weather, and since we’ll still be stuck inside our house, I’m going to exist with all of these things – sweaters, hot coffee, books and shows.


King Maker – Audrey Grey

I’ve been reading this book for 3 months. I don’t know why I haven’t finished it. It’s not bad, I enjoy it every time I pick it up, I just haven’t finished it. I’m determined to finish it before August ends. I refuse to take it unfinished into September.

As the Shadow Rises – Katy Rose Pool

I have an ARC of this, and I need to finish it before its release on 9/1. I’m going to read 12 chapters or roughly 100 pages a day, and if it all goes to plan, I’ll have it done by Friday and I’m planning on having my review posted by Sunday.


Lucifer (Netflix):

I started a rewatch of the series. I know I could have just jumped right into Season 5 pt. 1, but I’ve been meaning to do a rewatch, and this way I won’t immediately marathon S5 pt.1. Which means, the wait for pt. 2 hopefully won’t be as long. I’m also watching it with my parents – they got sucked it when I started my rewatch last Saturday so there won’t be any bingeing the first four seasons.

The 100 (Live TV)

I love this show, and this final season isn’t disappointing me at all. I’m really curious to see how it’s all going to end. I honestly have no predictions. I’m bummed that this is the final season, and I hope that the ending is satisfying. I’m going to be annoyed otherwise.

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