Writing Update #20

I actually managed to do a tiny bit of work on my WIP!

Once again, I had to re-familiarize myself with it, so I did some re-reading. I made little 1-2 sentence notes about what happened in the chapters to make the process a little easier. I managed to get through just over half of the chapters. I also marked (highlighted) some of the passages that I know need to be deleted.

I’d hoped to actually get some revisions done, but work is insane, and we got a puppy. Between those two things I have very little energy when I get home from work. It’s annoying and I’m frustrated. I want to work on my WIP. For the first time in what feels like a long time, I legitimately want to dive back into the world I created.

I hate not having the energy to do it.

We’re in our holiday rush at work, and it means staying late, and then I come home to puppy duty, dinner, a walk, then a shower and then it’s 10:30PM and I’m ready for bed. I don’t even read physical books anymore. If it’s not an audiobook, then I don’t really read it.

That’s got to change, because I have so many October ARCs I need to read. I’ll be busy this upcoming weekend.

I digress – as per usual.

I had really wanted to have a bigger…a better update this month. I’m really going to try and get at least a couple chapters revised in October. I need to finish this damn book.

I was thinking about sharing a short scene from my WIP, but I was looking in my “Writing Projects” Folder and I stumbled across this piece that I’d started writing earlier this year in a fit on inspiration. With NaNoWriMo coming up, I need to decide what I’m going to work on. 2020 has given me some pretty good Shiny New Ideas – so I thought I’d share an Unedited short scene from this WIP I’ve labeled


Yeah…my brain’s weird and I was definitely inspired by current events. I mentioned this WIP back in Writing Update #14 and it very well might be a contender for NaNo this year. I have quite a few ideas that I really would love to work on, but I’ll have to wait and see what strikes me when the time comes.

Before I share this – I just want to reiterate that this is Unedited, late night word vomit, written in a fit of inspiration. It’s repetitive and this is the first time I’ve opened the document since like, late March or April. So, please don’t judge too harshly.


On second thought, I’m not sure I want to know LOL. I do know that I absolutely loved this when I was writing it. I don’t know what the MC’s name is yet, so maybe if I write the rest of this for NaNo, it’ll come to me. I hope you liked this little snippet. It’s never easy for me to share my writing – especially when it’s this rough and unedited. I usually write the stories “wrong” before they’re right and this will probably end up changing a million times if I seriously continue to work on it.

I’m off to bed, but I hope your writing endeavors are going great and let me know if you’re planning on participating in NaNoWriMo this year!

I’m Being Targeted…

By ads.

So many book ads.

All my social media platforms are sending book ads my way – a lot of high fantasy book ads.

They know I’m a sucker and will probably, most likely, almost definitely will buy the book.

I was going to have a review for you today, but I didn’t quite finish the book, so you’ll have to look for that in the near future. But today, I’m going to share with you a book that I’ve seen so many ads for – especially over on Facebook. I’ve been seeing ads for this book for a while, but I was kind of skeptical, and then I saw the cover for book 2 and now I think I need to own them.

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Excerpt Review: A Vow So Bold and Deadly (Cursebreakers #3)

Title: A Vow So Bold and Deadly

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Pub. Date: January 12, 2021

Rating: TBD (but probs 5 stars)

Emberfall is torn between those who believe Rhen is the rightful prince and those who are eager to begin a new era under the true heir, Grey. Grey has agreed to wait two months before attacking Rhen, and in that time, Rhen has sought the assistance of a spy despite Harper’s doubts.

Meanwhile, Lia Mara struggles to rule Syhl Shallow with a gentler hand than her mother. But some of her subjects aren’t happy that Lia Mara has an enchanted prince and magical scraver by her side. As Grey’s deadline draws nearer, Lia Mara is forced to question whether or not she can remain allied to his cause.

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Currently Reading & Watching #19

I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t really been in a show kind of mood. I’m not really watching anything consistently and even then, I will probably only watch 1, maybe 2 episodes before I’m bored.

But that changed with Julie and The Phantoms – I highly recommend watching that show. It’s amazing. I bought the soundtrack and now I can’t stop listening to it.

Since shows aren’t fully holding my attention, I’m rewatching a few just for background noise basically.

As for reading – since I’m at work all day, I’m inhaling audiobooks. I usually finish one every day and a half, unless it’s super long. This means I’m blowing through my credits so quickly, but it can’t be helped.

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Book Review: Shadow Fall (Shadow Fall #1)

Title: Shadow Fall

Author: Audrey Grey

Pub. Date: April 20, 2020

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

My name is Maia Graystone: prisoner, rebel, and reluctant savior of a dying world.

In exactly 552 hours, an asteroid will end life as we know it. Not that I’m counting or anything. Trapped inside a hellish prison with thieves and murderers, I have more current worries.

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3 Books on My Shelves –

That I’ve never seen mentioned on any social platform.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably spent ungodly amounts of time on TikTok, where you might have found yourself on the Bookish side of the app. There you might have seen the videos of readers sharing books that they’ve loved but never seen on mainstream media, and I thought I’d take a look at my shelves.

As it turns out, there are quite a few books that I’ve loved but have never seen any hype for. So, I thought I’d share 3 of them today! Continue reading “3 Books on My Shelves –”

Bright Burns the Night (Dark Breaks the Dawn Duology #2)

Title: Bright Burns the Night

Author: Sara B. Larson

Pub. Date: May 29, 2018

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Ten years ago, King Lorcan of the Dark Kingdom Dorjhalon defeated Queen Evelayn and cut her conduit stone from her. Since then, he has kept her trapped in her swan form. With the loss of balance between Dark and Light, winter has descended and the Draíolon of Éadrolan lose more power every day. But once a year, Lorcan transforms her back to her Draíolon form and offers a truce. And every year Evelayn refuses — for he requires her to Bind herself to him for life.

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Want A Brand New Fantasy Rec?

Well, this isn’t the post I’d planned to put up today, but Codigo has decided he’s not a fan of the crate at night, and I had to go sleep next to him. Crate training him is going to be a long process. With all the mournful, distressed whines and howls coming from him, you’d think we were actually torturing him. I keep reminding myself it’s only the second night, and we will train him/get him training, so things will eventually get better, but damn, I cherish my sleep, and it’s not happening with his crying lol. But anyways, I digress.

This book keeps popping up on my various social media platforms and I thought I’d share it with you. It sounds like something I’m really going to enjoy. I’m still trying to decide if I want the eBook or a physical copy. I love the cover so I’m leaning towards physical, but I’m pretty much out of shelf space…

I’ll let you know in my haul post which version I ended up buying! Continue reading “Want A Brand New Fantasy Rec?”

Show Rec – Julie and the Phantoms!

I’m bringing you a quickie post today! It’s Sunday, we’re potentially going to look at puppies and I just binged an amazing show.

I’m spiraling down an obsession hole, and I want to spend all my money on merch.

I haven’t been in any kind of mood to binge a show, or even watch more than 2 consecutive episodes for months. So, imagine my surprise when I inhaled all nine episodes of Julie and the Phantom. Continue reading “Show Rec – Julie and the Phantoms!”