Book Review: King Maker (Kingdom of Runes #3)

Title: King Maker

Author: Audrey Grey

Pub. Date: February 18, 2020

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

They broke the curse, but at what cost?

Haven and her crew may be considered heroes, but they arrive back in Penryth harboring dangerous secrets. Plagued by nightmares, Haven struggles to control her newfound magic while Bell shrinks under the weight of their shared lie.

When an emissary from Solissia shows up in Penryth and drafts Bell in a magical tournament, Haven is once again forced to follow the prince to foreign lands, this time to the bloodthirsty court of Archeron’s mother.

Trapped in a shifting landscape of dark politics, duplicitous immortals, and cruel sovereigns, Haven fights to keep Bell alive all without revealing their secret. But a terrible evil brews on the horizon. One that threatens the very fabric of the realm.

Haven might be their only hope of stopping the impending darkness. But first she must learn to accept her own darkness and follow her heart—no matter where it leads.

This will be a mini spoiler free review.

It took me three months to read this book.

I’d pick it up, get engrossed and then I’d set it down and read other things. Not to mention that I’ve been busy at work, and other book obligations had to be met. So, this book just kept getting set aside.

Well, I told myself that I was not allowed to carry it over into September – that I needed to finish it before the end of August.

I did – and now I don’t know what to do with myself, because the way this book ended…wtf. I never saw it coming, I never thought that character would go that route. It makes sense, but damn. I cannot wait to see how this all plays out in the next book.

I’m also a sucker for a fantasy book that has any semblance of trials that the MC(s) have to take part in. I also love it when those trials are skewed to not favor them, but they win anyways.

Stolas was a gem in this book – and how all that plays out – I’m kind of partial to him as the love interest, so I’m here for it.

I definitely didn’t know what to expect from this book – but I’m not mad with how it played out. Archeron clearly had some unresolved, festering issues and he spends a lot of this book, taking his anger out on Haven. Now, we do get his POV, so we see inside his head, his inner thoughts, and Haven is just unfortunately the recipient of a lot of pent up hurt and aggression. Haven, takes as much as she dishes out in return, and that is one of the elements I like about their relationship. But Archeron says some things and does some things that he can’t take back, but it’s a good thing Stolas is still around.

I absolutely love that man. Stolas is dark, brooding, loyal and so fucking powerful. He’s very much Rhys in the Court of Nightmares and I love it. His relationship with Haven is definitely the superior one, but things are a little unsteady in this book – for reasons that are spoilers – so you’ll just have to read the series to find out. He cares for Haven, teases her, gets on her nerves – actually you know what, he’s more like Cassian when he’s interacting with Nesta. So if you enjoy that element of ACOTAR, you’ll probably like Stolas.

This book was long, but it never really felt long. Yes, it took me three months, but that was more due to life getting in the way and not the page count. Like I said, anytime I did pick it up, I ended up not wanting to put it down. I love the world and the characters, and I am so damn excited for the next book. Thank goodness it comes out in November; I don’t have to wait too long!

I’m on a NA high fantasy kick right now, and I can’t get my hands on enough. I definitely recommend this series – so make sure you check it out!

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