Little Life Update: Sept’20

Once again, I’m back with a post that wasn’t actually planned. I kind of dozed off last night – by accident – instead of writing a book review. Then I woke up with even less energy, and no brain power to write a good review.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything pre-written, so y’all are just gonna get a brief life update.

I’m back at work and it’s busy as hell. I’m working 9.5 hour days and I have zero energy when I get home from work. So, I get nothing done and writing blog posts are just about the last thing I want to do.

Now, I won’t spend time whining about work. It’s really not that bad, and I listen to audiobooks all day, so really, I’m getting paid to read books. That’s the life, isn’t it? I just started listening to To Sleep in A Sea of Stars and it’s a beast. 32.5 hours. I’m going to be listening to it for the rest of the week – maybe into Saturday. Yes, I have to sadly work a few hours on Saturday and I’m really bummed I can’t sleep in.

Very bummed, but I get that overtime pay.

As for other updates – we started the process of looking for a new doggo to join our family! It’s been 9 months since we lost Charlie, and the house is too empty, too quiet. After trolling around on PetFinder for a few days, we stumbled across a few puppies and a rescue that had them. So, of course we sent in an application.

Now, here’s where things start to get annoying. We’ve been looking at dogs for about 3 weeks, and this one little black lab mix has been listed at this rescue for about 2.5 weeks. We filled out our application, asking about him and 2 other dogs.

Have we heard back? Nope.

This rescue’s policy is apparently “if we don’t respond in 3 days, then we don’t want you” but they don’t specify if it’s 3 days, or 3 business days. Pretty much every dog, besides TWO OF THEM that we expressed interest in, have since be adopted (so, yay puppies!). But it’s become increasingly frustrating that we can’t seem to get any kind of response out of whoever is running this rescue. There’s also no phone number to contact them by.

Not to brag or be annoying or presumptuous, but I don’t see any reason that a rescue would find to deny our application. We have rescue experience since we rescued our last two dogs. We have Lab Retriever experience, since our last dog was a lab – we’re mainly looking at lab mixes – and we have the fenced in back yard, someone home for most of the day and the desire to care and love the doggo. I really don’t understand why they’d say no.

We’ve since emailed them 2 more times, because we really do want this little nugget named Alvin, who has been sitting on their site for 2.5 weeks, unclaimed. LET ME CLAIM HIM DAMMIT.

I’m so ready to have a dog in the house again. And now that we’ve actually started the search, it’s so much harder to be chill about it. I just want a doggo in the house again.

On another note – maybe like most people, 2020 has left me feeling a little self-conscious and I don’t feel my best. I definitely don’t think I look my best. I haven’t really felt pretty for most of 2020.

Well, the other day, I took 4 bomb ass selfies, and damn was I feeling myself. So, I thought I’d do a shameless plug, because I love these pictures and the top two seriously give me character inspiration ideas. Is it weird to be inspired for a possible character by your own face? Is that conceited?

Next up – I’m going to have to up my Goodreads Goal again. I listen to anywhere between 3-5 audiobooks a week, so I’m quickly racking up books. I’ve already upped the number 2x this year, so that’s crazy. I’m planning on reading at least 2 books this weekend.

I also started a rewatch of Hart of Dixie and I still love it. Wade is so enjoyable and nice to look at. I finished The Raven and the Dove today and the ending killed me. I can’t believe that happened. It’s a good thing that book 2 comes out like, next week. I need to know what happens next.

Well, I think that’s it for updates. Sorry if this isn’t the kind of content you enjoy reading, but I like sharing bits of my life with y’all. I’ll have some kind of bookish related content ready for you tomorrow.

Let me know what kind of content you’d like to see me do. I mainly do books, but I can throw in some writing stuff or anything really. Just shoot me a comment if there’s something you’d like to see on this blog! I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoyed looking at the pictures of the cute puppies!

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