Book Blogger Confessions Tag

I’m doing another tag because I’m exhausted. This is gonna be a quick one, because I need to go to bed. Somehow I got roped into going into work for a few hours on Saturday, so I don’t get to sleep in and I’m really freaking bitter about that fact. It’s been a long week, so let’s see what I confess in my perpetual state of exhaustion. I found this tag over on The Book Nut – which I’ve linked, so make sure you go check out Jennzah and Erin’s answers!

The Rules:

Answer the questions truthfully.

Tag 5 other bloggers

I’m just going to say, I tag anyone and everyone who reads this. If you do, do this tag, feel free to send me your link! I’d love to see your answers.

Which book, most recently, did you not finish.

From Fire and Shadows by J.F. Baptista. I just could not get into this book. I found myself just not caring at all. I have a spoiler free review – here – that you can check out if you’re interested in my whole thoughts.

Which book is your guilty pleasure?

I keep trying to rack my brain for an answer to this question, but I honestly don’t have one. I can’t think of a single book that I would consider to be a “guilty pleasure”.

Which book do you love to hate?

There really isn’t a book. Once upon a time it probably would have been Twilight, but I’ve fully embraced that part of my past. There are very few books that I actually hate with good reason, but I don’t understand why some people love to hate books. That just takes up too much energy.

Which book would you throw into the sea?

Fucking Animal Farm. Just toss it out. Burn it. Get rid of that book. It sucks and it’s not fun to read. It’s been, like, 11 years since I read this book and it still infuriates me.

Which book have you read the most?

Honestly, this might be a tie between the Harry Potter Series and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I don’t even know how many times over my life I’ve read HP, but I used to read The Host 2x a year (back when I had more than enough time to re-read). I freaking love that book.

Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

The Red Queen. I listened to the audiobook years ago and wasn’t impressed and I’m not a big fan of the authors. So, if I got a copy of any of her books, I’d be pretty disappointed and annoyed.

Which book could you not live without?

 All of them. I can’t choose. 

Which book made you the angriest?

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood. I never finished that series because the grown ass men in that book made me so viscerally angry. 

Which book made you cry the most?

Clockwork Princess – were you expecting anything else? The ending to that book actually killed me.

Which book cover do you hate the most?

The new covers for the ACOTAR series. I’ll still probably buy them because I have no self-control and I *need* them, but god are they ugly. And there’s the fact that the next books won’t match my three hardcover copies.

This was a fun tag! It required a little bit of thinking, but that’s okay! Lol.

I hope you all do this tag and have a wonderful day!

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