Currently Reading & Watching #19

I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t really been in a show kind of mood. I’m not really watching anything consistently and even then, I will probably only watch 1, maybe 2 episodes before I’m bored.

But that changed with Julie and The Phantoms – I highly recommend watching that show. It’s amazing. I bought the soundtrack and now I can’t stop listening to it.

Since shows aren’t fully holding my attention, I’m rewatching a few just for background noise basically.

As for reading – since I’m at work all day, I’m inhaling audiobooks. I usually finish one every day and a half, unless it’s super long. This means I’m blowing through my credits so quickly, but it can’t be helped.


Hidden Huntress (The Malediction Trilogy #2) – Danielle L. Jensen

I’m kicking myself for sleeping on this series for so long. Absolutely kicking myself. 2020 is going to be the year I read all of Danielle’s books. I cannot get enough and legit none have been disappointing in the slightest. Like, at all.

I think I slept on this series, because the idea of the love interest being a “troll” was off putting, but oh how I’m punching myself in the face, because Tristan is * perfect *. I inhaled book one, and now I’m totally going to inhale at least 6 hours of this book at work tomorrow.

Crown Chasers (Crown Chasers #1) – Rebecca Coffindaffer

I’ve only just started this, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m still coming down from To Sleep in A Sea of Stars, but as a SF book, it’s not grabbing me. I’m going to give it some time, because I’ve heard nothing but good things. I want to give it a fair chance. I’m sure I’ll end up getting sucked in and will be dying for the next one.


Julie and The Phantoms (Netflix)

Of course, I started rewatch, even though I just finished it. It’s an unhealthy obsession, what can I say? You can check out my post – Show Rec – Julie and The Phantoms – if you want some more of my thoughts!

The 100 (Live Tv)

This final season is going off the rails. I’ve really be enjoying it, but the showrunners are making some pretty questionable choices for certain characters. Narratively they don’t even make sense and they’re just for shock value. It’s shit.

Lucifer (Netflix)

I decided to do rewatch first, before diving into the new season. I’ve been meaning to do a rewatch and this gave me the perfect excuse. I’ve also dragged my parents into the world of Lucifer, so the rewatch is slow going, but I’m fine with it. Eventually I’ll get to see season 5 and the wait will be worth it.

Hart of Dixie (Netflix)  

After my initial watch, this became an instant favorite and I have such a thing for Wade. If you’re a fan of NA rom com books, with enemies to lovers, drama and slow burn …then you should probably check this out.

What are you reading and/or writing that has fully occupied your time? 

2 thoughts on “Currently Reading & Watching #19

    1. Omg, yes, watch it! It’s so good.
      I tried watching AHS – but I’m a scaredy cat and couldn’t get past the first episode LOL and I refuse to watch the seasons out of order.


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