Book Rec – Curse of Blood and Shadow (Allied Kingdoms Academy #1)

Maybe y’all are getting tired of book rec posts – if you are, I’m sorry.

I’m not going to stop.

I’ve been seeing ads for this book all over my social media accounts. All. Over. I’ve clicked on it a few times, but I’ll be completely honest – I don’t really like the cover. Pretty much every book I end up purchasing from ads is in part due to the cover. I kind of skimmed past this one because I wasn’t keen on the cover.

Well, I’m a dumbass, because this book actually sounds utterly amazing?

Curse of Blood and Shadow – J.M. Kearl

Cursed with visions of death. Cursed to die. Cursed to be a bloodthirsty monster. One thing is clear at the Allied Kingdoms Academy, curses abound and no one is safe.

I was born a cursed princess. A curse that makes me hesitant to touch anyone, afraid I’ll foresee their death and won’t be able to stop it.

As royalty of a warrior kingdom, I’m sent to train in weapons and magic at the new academy where dangerous, deadly, and ferocious could describe any of the students, myself included. It isn’t long before I foresee the death of a student and realize I’m not the only one cursed. Something darker, hungry, and murderous lurks in the shadows, and I must find out what it is.

When the ever pompous, arrogant— gorgeous prince from another kingdom suspects I know something is wrong, he tries to convince me he can help. It doesn’t matter that we hate each other, doesn’t matter that our kingdom’s rivalry is ages old, students could die. Prince Zyacus is one of the strongest and fiercest of us all but his hard heart might have one weakness— me, and I might be a target of the creatures out for blood.

I instantly bought it.

It’s on my Kindle, right now.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t judge books based on their covers, because I can miss out on books that are totally in my wheelhouse. The rating seems promising, so I’m actually really excited to dive into this.

If I’d read the synopsis, I would have seen that it’s comped with TOG and HP and like, I’m sold?

Throne of Glass meets Harry Potter! If you love swoon-worthy enemies-to-lovers romance, fierce ladies, powerful dudes, magic, swords, and talking cats in an academy setting, then this is the series for you!

Now, if I could only hit pause or add a whole bunch of hours to my day so I could actually read all these books I recommend to you all.  I can’t express just how much I need a chill day where I don’t have anything to do but sleep, drink coffee and read.

Let me know if you pick this up, or if you’ve read it! Also, if you get book ads on your social media accounts, what’s one book that constantly pops up? Have you bought it?

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