NaNoWriMo’20 Update #1

This is going to be short and sweet because it’s been a long week and I’m exhausted. I’m going to try really hard, to include more information and a small scene in next week’s update but for now, we’re going bare bones.

Between work, Codigo and blog stuff, I usually don’t get to sit down and write until 10PM. And unfortunately, by that time, I’m thoroughly exhausted and need to take a shower before I pass out. Doing NaNo this year is going to be rougher than I thought, but I’m taking it one day at a time and I’m determined to make it work.

So, I’ve already started my WIP over again. I really didn’t like how I started this WIP and it was making me not want to work on it. I don’t fully hate what I wrote originally, it just feels out of character. Which is ridiculous because I don’t even know who these characters are yet.

I was rewriting the opening scene – I changed the POV from first to third and from my male MC to my female MC and it works so much better.

Even better I don’t actually have to get rid of the original begging I wrote because I need the reader (lol) to see what he sees as well, and not just what she experiences. I’m not going to bother changing it from first to third – I’m just going to make a note to do it later. For the first time since the initial excitement for NaNo, I’m actually excited to work on this WIP.

I’m definitely planning on hopefully knocking out a bunch of word this weekend – maybe try and get ahead. But we’ll see. I know for sure I intend on sleeping – it’s like number 1 on my list.

As a little bonus – despite what I said, here’s a tiny little moment from this WIP. It takes place right after my female MC is attacked and left for dead.

I feel bad that I’m leaving you all with such a short update, but I’m legit falling asleep at my laptop. Thank goodness tomorrows Friday and then it’s the weekend. I hope you’re knocking NaNo out of the park, and if you’re not participating but still working on a WIP I hope that the words are flowing seamlessly!

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