NaNoWriMo’20 Update #2

I’m behind.

Work is burning me out and by the time I get home and get everything else done so I can write, I’m exhausted, and my brain does not want to work. I’m going to catch up this weekend, So I’m not going to stress out over it.

It also does not help that I don’t know who my characters are. I forgot how hard drafting is and being perpetually tired does not help. I’m probably going to spend a little time this weekend trying to figure out who my characters are and what their motivations are. I also switched up the POV. The chapters that happen in the past are in 3rd person, while the chapters set in the present are in 1st. But I’m honestly thinking about making the whole thing 3rd since the words tend to slow much easier that way.

I also keep thinking that I’m not dark and twisty enough to write this book how I envision it in my head. I don’t know, I just don’t feel the same desire and drive that I had in previous years. I know it’s due to the exhaustion that I don’t care. I refuse to give up though and I refuse to wreck my “Years Participated” streak. But either I don’t know the story well enough – which is a very real possibility, or I’m just not the right person to write it? I’m going to give it my best shot and I know the magic really happens in revisions. I just need to get words on the page first. I also need a clear head and that probably won’t happen until work stops running me ragged. 

This update isn’t going to be long – just know that I’m so tired that I *almost* don’t care about NaNo, that I’m 100% catching up this weekend – thankfully I’m only a few days behind and that I don’t know who my characters are. It’s all a mess, but it’s fine. I’m not stressing.

Since this is a shorter post, I’m sharing another short little scene. These to characters were not planned and now I love them. Like last time, this is a really rough, first draft, word vomit, zero editing scene. Half the stuff I’ve written this week has been in this haze of sleep deprivation, so if it sucks, oh well. I like it and I sent this scene to a friend and they liked it. So, I’m happy.

Hopefully next week I can stay on track because I hate getting behind. I hope your NaNo projects are going well and that you’re staying on top of your counts!

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo’20 Update #2

  1. That scene is great! I want to read more; I am already a bit invested lol

    I am sorry that you are so tired and falling behind:( I hope you can get enough rest this weekend and feel a bit better!

    I have never participated in NaNo bc I can never write past the 5th chapter, but it always seems like fun. Honestly, your dedication is admirable:)

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    1. Aww, thanks! I’m glad you like it! Andi Squared was a fun little surprise that I didn’t plan, so I’m glad they’re getting some love.
      I’m totally about to start catching up right now – I’m talking through some plot issues with a friend before I do. I’ve made my coffee so I’m hoping I can just knock out the words.
      It’s definitely a lot of fun, and even though it’s meant to be a tool to get people to just write, it can be a tad stressful. The feeling of accomplishment at the end (no matter how far you get) is worth it though! And 5 chapters is good! It’s 5 chapters that didn’t exist before and now they do! We have to reward the smaller milestones just like we do the bigger ones.
      And sometimes you have to have the right story. My big WIP (not this nano project) is a passion project and it’s what I love to read – I think that’s the biggest reason why I’ve never grown bored of it. I have other projects where once I get past the initial word dump, I lack the drive to finish it. It’s all about finding and figuring out what works for you!

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      1. Np:) I am very intrigued by them

        I’m glad to hear that! I wish you all the best:)

        That makes sense. I have started probably around a hundred different story ideas since I was 13, and have only ever finished one. I hope I can find the right one someday, as I would love to publish a book! Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it and I hope the rest of NaNo goes well for you:)

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      2. Aw thanks! I’m feeling slightly more confident about the story as a whole, less so about meeting the word count goal, but I’m gonna try! I’m too stubborn not to. lol
        I really do hope writing goes well for you too, and that you find the story that speaks to you!

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