NaNoWriMo’20 Update #3

How are we already done week three of NaNoWriMo?

I’m so woefully behind, that the next two weekends are going to be me, playing catch up. I don’t know why I thought I could manage to stay on top of daily word goals when my days are spent at work and my evenings are booked solid.

I mean, I know why. I was too stubborn to break my streak.

And I know I’ll make it happen. They might be shit words, but I’ll hit 50k by the end of the month. I legit won’t let myself fail.

Now that I’m done whining, I do have some good news. After talking it over with a friend and fellow writer, I have more passion for this project, more drive. I have a better idea of what the story is/needs to be and what needs to happen. I also switched fully over to Third Person and that has made a world of difference. I’m definitely not going back through and changing everything I’ve already written to that POV, but everything going forward flows out of me so much easier. Initially I wanted the alternating Past & Present chapters to be Third and First, respectively. But that wasn’t working. I’m finding that there’s a slight level of detachment with Third, which helps me to write the characters. I think I mentioned it in the last Update Post, but I still don’t know who these characters are – and right now, I don’t really have the time (or the energy, tbh) to sit down and figure them out. I also usually figure out who they are after the first draft, so that’s my goal. I’m a visual person, so I need to see what choices they make, what they do when given free reigns to figure out who they are and what they want. And they’ll undoubtedly change a whole bunch as I keep working with them.

I’m really enjoying the little bits that I’ve been able to write – work is ramping back up again for the final push to the end of the Winter Rush – all screen printed jobs have to be out of my work by December 9, but we have a lot to do between now and then. So, I’m planning on knocking out as much writing as I can this weekend and next. I just want to sit down, with coffee (and energy, tbh) and just write. I’m loving my playlist for this WIP – usually I can’t write with music, but it seems to be helping get me motivated and inspired for this WIP. Let me know if you want to see that playlist – I can include it in the next update post next week!

And before I go, here is another scene – I wrote this one about a week and a half ago and I already want to go back and edit it, but that’s not what NaNo’s about. And once again, this is a very rough first draft, no editing, late night, sleep deprived word vomit. At this point I was still trying to figure out the characters and I think I’m really going to like Dimitri – if I write him correctly.

I hoped you liked the scene! And I hope that your writing and/or NaNoWriMo journey is going really well! The end is near!

8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo’20 Update #3

  1. Hey Alexa, I must say, you progressed very well.
    I remember when The last time when I commented on your post, at that time you wrote around 5K words in opening week and here you are beyond 25K in 3 weeks, means a great approach!!
    Keep it up,😁😁
    And now let’s coming back to your scene, it’s quite horrible as well as, reminiscent to Vampire Diaries is in progress!!😅😅

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  2. That scene is great so far! I really want to know what pushed him to save her (a bond? a curse? is she a reincarnation of his true love?) and I am very intrigued by him in general:) You’re doing great!

    I am also interested in seeing your playlist:)

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