Codigo Update – Nov’20

Well, it’s been over two months since we adopted Codigo and things are starting to smooth out. If you’re interested in checking out that post, you can click here.

It’s been fun and really nice having a dog in the house again, even if he seems to be part velociraptor and cat – I swear he’s not just lab mixed with border collie. He seems to go almost boneless and when he gets up from snoozing, he stretches like a cat. I love him to bits though and it’s so nice to come home from work to be greeted by him. My favorite thing to do, is to take my blanket, lay on the floor and have him curl up against me. He’s a little cuddle bug and I love it.

I think we’re finally over the “losing baby teeth stage” which hopefully means the biting will stop. Teething is no joke and I’m tired of being the thing he wants to chew on to ease the pain. We don’t encourage the behavior and 9/10 he corrects himself. He’ll also do this fake out, like I’m gonna bite you, but then yawns right around your hand and then licks you.

He’s also started this really fun (heavy sarcasm) thing where when he gets mad that you’ve scolded him, he spite pees.

He’s a little shit.

We haven’t been able to get him into a training/obedience class yet, but we’re working on basic commands with him. He’s super receptive to chicken flavor treats, and they seem to be working to reinforce good behavior. He knows how to sit, lie down, come, stay and how to give his paws. We’re trying to teach roll over, and despite the fact that this dog loves to lay on his back, he gets all weirded out when we try to teach him to roll over. We’re also trying to teach him how to crawl and that’s a “just because” thing and he already does it unprompted.

But we’ve been walking, and he loves it! He thinks that everyone is there to love him. He’ll sit and wag his tail and then try to run after people who don’t stop to pet him. He loves little kids and other dogs – which he’s very good with.

I honestly don’t know what else to say! I really only wanted to do this post to spam you with puppy pictures, so without further ado…

Oh, one other thing before the pictures, if there is anything you do want to know, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

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