Nov’20 Wrap Up

Here we are again! I read one physical book last month, everything else was audio and guess what?

I’m actually kind of starting to hate audiobooks.

Well, more specifically, I’m tired of listening to someone talk into my ear for 6-8 hours a day. But I’m also tired of music, and my job is too monotonous to not do it without one of those things. So, I just keep listening to books, because otherwise I wouldn’t read anything. Thank god things should *hopefully* quiet down a bit at work next week. Maybe then I can actually get back to doing more of the things I love.

I seriously miss the physical act of reading – whether it’s holding a hardcover or paperback or even my Kindle. Audiobooks are so nice, and don’t get me wrong – I do love them – but sometimes I just want to curl up on the couch, with some coffee and a book and get lost in the world that way.


With that being said, I pretty much loved everything I read last month. There was one massive disappointment, and I found a new favorite fantasy trilogy, so I’m chalking it all up to a win!

42369370. sy475 Warriors of Wings and Flame (Sisters of Shadow and Light #2) – Sara B. Larson

Audiobook Finished: November 3, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] And it never stops. Their bond it tested time and time again. Seeing each of them come into their own in this book is So Good and Satisfying.

I went through a gauntlet of emotions and more than once thought I was going to start crying at work. I really need to stop listening to such emotional reads when I’m working. I get weird stares from my coworkers 😂

And Raidyn is still my new book boyfriend omfg. But Loukas. I *swoon* – it’s hard not to love them both. Though Loukas is just a little more in need of a long hug and I love characters who might just be a little bit broken, a little bit guarded until they find their people they can trust wholly. But these two…phew. Double Trouble, loyal to a fault and badass. I’m here for it.”

36137560Kill the Queen (Crown of Shards #1) – Jennifer Estep

Audiobook Finished: November 4, 2020 /⭐️⭐️⭐️.75 / Review / GR

“[…] But more so, I loved Evie’s character arc in this book. She changes so much and becomes a much stronger person. Not that she was weak to begin with, but omfg her growth. She’s not weak at the beginning of the book, but everything she goes through before shit really starts to change for her…I applauded. She stood her ground and was set to go down swinging.

And then she just never stops. Never gives up. I mean, the sheer determined will of her. I was impressed and she’s so easy to like.

Then there’s Sullivan. I found him to be instantly likeable, even with how he’s introduced. Maybe that’s because I instantly saw his and Evie’s relationship bloom right before my very eyes, but he easily became my next favorite character. I’m actually pretty excited to see what the second book has in store because I’m pretty sure it features him more heavily. And then there’s his big reveal and I’m so here for it.”

38502419. sy475 White Raven (White Raven #1) – J.L. Weil

Audiobook Finished: November 5, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] Don’t even get me started on the failed, enemies to lovers romance. It tried so hard to be that, but in my opinion, it failed miserably. I will say that Zane felt like knock off Daemon Black. Charming, bad boy, suave as hell…but just lacked the same kind of spark.

All in all, every character was disappointing. I didn’t believe the high stakes; the emotional weights weren’t there. And maybe you can excuse the MCs actions and shallow personality on the fact that she’s dealing with the trauma of her mother dying, but honestly that feels like a lame excuse. If I had, had another audiobook downloaded and ready to go, I most likely wouldn’t have finished this.”

52486678. sx318 sy475 Chosen Ones (The Chosen Ones #1) – Veronica Roth

Audiobook Finished: November 6, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] I didn’t see a bunch of the little plot twists coming, but I definitely had my suspicions about the big one. I liked that I was right and found the ending to be enjoyable, but also a little anticlimactic. The middle of this book was fantastic. The plot was engaging and fun, the character arcs and development had me caring so much and all in my feels – Sloane’s journey, phew. I loved that this was a fresh take on the whole trope of Chosen Ones and how within each of them – Sloan, Matt, Albie, Ines and Esther – we see various consequences and coping mechanisms for dealing with everything they had to go through.”

52831200. sy475 From Blood and Ash (Blood and Ash #1) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Audiobook Finished: November 9, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] If you’re fans of SJM or Elise Kova, you’re going to absolutely love this book. I also love the freaking resurgence of Vampires in YA/Upper YA. In the last 8 months, I’ve read three new YA vamp books, each bringing something different to the table, and each very enjoyable.

From Blood and Ash does not disappoint and if you’re looking for a high fantasy vamp book, put this on your TBR right now. But, if you’re not necessarily looking for a vamp book, but a high fantasy full of sass, snark, chemistry and some badassery, then you’re going to want to put this book on your TBR.

True to JLA fashion, her characters are full of sass, innuendos, snark, chemistry and honestly chiseled by the hand of a God (seriously, the way I imagine Hawke…phew). I love Poppy so much. She goes through so much, but she doesn’t let the trauma define her. She rises above it, against it and uses her anger to good use. She uses her power to control her life – well, the aspects that she can control.”

54319549. sy475 A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Blood and Ash #2) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Audiobook Finished: November 11, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] It was so easy to fall back into this world, with these characters. Jen has always hooked me with her opening lines, and this one wasn’t any different. It picks up right where From Blood and Ash leaves off and Poppy and Cas are at odds. From there things keep unfolding, new characters are introduced, and Poppy learns so much and has to confront a lot of misinformation she’s been fed her whole life. Cas is as charmingly insufferable as ever and Kieran is like the exasperated babysitter who wishes that his kids would just stop fighting…and asking questions.

Fuck I love them.

Then there was the ending. All through this book Poppy’s abilities grow and change and they directly tie into the freaking biggest reveal that leaves you gasping and needing to know more. I’m really excited to see what comes next, and really freaking annoyed I have to wait for that third book to find out what this all means. What it means for Poppy, for Casteel, for Atlantia and Solis. I’m so damn excited. That whole scene was epic, and I honestly expected it to play out negatively, but oh this is so much better. I can’t wait to see how it explains and ties into everything.”

12081652Unchained (Nephilim Rising) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Audiobook Finished: November 12, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] On the plus side, the book is enjoyable, it’s easy to get sucked in. It kind of has this Lucifer-ish vibe, which I’m totally on board with. I’m all for a resurgence of Angel vs. Demon stories so this fit right into that want. I also can’t help but wonder if this was potentially a precursor for The Dark Elements Trilogy – it kind of feels like it might have been. Especially since they both deal with pretty similar plot lines. I do wish that Jen had finished the series and more time had been spent in this world, but shit happens. If you liked The Dark Elements Series – namely Roth – then you’re probably going to like Julian. And if you’re a fan of Jen’s kickass heroines, then Lilly is your girl. She’s feisty and powerful and takes no shit. Despite my disappointment that this book wasn’t as good as I remember it being, I did enjoy it. Probably not the best book to have listened to at work, but oh well.”

40211753. sy475 Warmaidens (Gravemaides #2) – Kelly Coon

eARC Finished: November 17, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] Dagan is a whole ass snack. He’s pure husband material and I think I have a new book boyfriend. I mean, I was totally sold in Gravemaidens, but damn did this book seal the deal. He was honestly my favorite character in this book, and dare I say my favorite part. I love emotionally vulnerable male characters, and Kelly did him justice.

I’m now thinking that I need to go find myself a Farm Boy, because phew. Absolutely sunk.

But, like the first book, I was easily and immediately transported back into this world. Even though it’s been a little over a year (I think) since I read Gravemaidens, it took virtually no effort to remember what had happened. The world is still as vivid as I remembered it being. Still a little infuriating with the rules, laws and traditions Kelly wove into it, but also still just wholly enjoyable. It was nice seeing more of the world and seeing more of the characters. With this book picking up nine months after the end of Gravemaidens, a lot has changed and the main core group of characters have as well.”

44282436. sy475 Beauty in Darkness (Royal Hearts #1) – Elizabeth Briggs

Audiobook Finished: November 18, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] I was actually a little impressed going into this book. I didn’t know what to expect – having read nothing by this author before – so I was surprised at the quality of writing, plot and world building. My only real complaint is how fast this book progressed. I didn’t buy into Rose’s and Raith’s relationship as much as I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong – I still loved it, but everything happened pretty quickly. I didnt think the emotional build up was completely there.

That being said, you really can’t go wrong with this book. It’s a quick, really enjoyable read that’s based on BATB. It’s got some spicy moments and a twist you may or may not see coming. Either way, I bet you’ll like this book.”

29631300. sy475 The Architect of Song (Haunted Hearts Legacy #1) – A.G. Howard

Audiobook Finished: November 21, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 / ReviewGR

“[…] Jfc, this book had me simping after a ghost. A GHOST. I loved Hawk. He was a tad possessive and jealous, but the tension between him and Juliet. Talk about slow fucking burn. I got to a point where I just wanted to smash them together and force them to kiss, but he’s a ghost. And the way A. G. Howard wrote the spicier scenes between them…I was trash. I am trash. I’m still simping after Hawk.

I’m also utter trash for Thornton. I got to a point, where with Juliet’s conflicted emotions and budding attraction for Thornton, I was just ready for the three of them to live happily ever after. Yeah, Hawk’s a ghost, so what. They would have made it work. I legit couldn’t chose who I thought she had better chemistry with. Not that it mattered, because one is alive and the other is a fucking ghost!”

50006930. sx318 sy475 The Queen of Cursed Things (Serpents and Kings #1) – S.M. Gaither

Audiobook Finished: November 22, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] I love Alaya. So much. Her journey in this book is hard. She’s an outcast and suddenly just about everything she knows to be true is flipped on its head and suddenly it’s a fight for survival. She’s fucking strong, finding ways to deal with, if not overcome the cards she’s been dealt. I loved Sade and her witty, snarky tone, but also her fierce loyalty and Kian. Omfg, I loved him. So much. He just felt wholesome and good and comforting. But then there’s Emrys. While I love a wholesome male character, who cares deeply; aloof, somewhat cocky, attractive Princes are such a weak spot for me.

They all play such a huge role in this book, on their journey. I really loved how real they felt. The way S.M. Gaither wrote this book, they felt truly alive and tangible. I had no problems believing their emotions, their reasonings and everything else. And I loved the dynamic, between all of them. The clear connection Alaya has with Kian, and her friendship with both him and Sade. But then there’s the obvious attraction between her and Emrys and it’s a sort of enemies to lovers deal and I’m here for it.”

52643578. sx318 sy475 The King of Burning Skies (Serpents and Kings #2) – S.M. Gaither

Audiobook Finished: November 24, 2020  / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] I fucking hate Slyven. Between him and his father, I can’t remember the last time I hate an antagonist this viscerally. Like, I kept ripping my AirPod out of my ear in anger because every time that fucker was on the page, I just wanted to throat punch him.

HELL, I didn’t even hate the Rook King as much as I hate those two. They’re the absolute worst.

But here’s the thing, I also kind of love Sylven – simply because if an author can make me that reactive to a character, they’ve done their job 100% right. So, I can appreciate that. He’s still a complete and utter asshole and I’m seriously looking forward to his demise – though if he somehow makes it out of this series unscathed, I WILL RIOT.

I have no love for uber manipulative characters and he’s the worst.”

50097111. sy475 The Empire of Empty Wars (Serpents and Kings #3) – S.M. Gaither

Audiobook Finished: November 29, 2020 / ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / Review / GR

“[…] I legit don’t have a bad thing to say about this book. Everything was so cinematic and vivid. The fight scenes between Alaya and Sylven played out like a movie in my head. It was so easy to picture what was happening.

I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned it in any of my other reviews – probably because I was too busy raging about the fucker Sylven, but the magic system in this book! I love it. Plus the whole pantheon of gods that are tied to it!

But back to Sylven, he was WORSE in this book. I didn’t think it was possible, but omfg. The AirPods went flying at work again because anytime he was actually on the page or even just mentioned, I became angry. There were moments that if I had been reading a physical book, I would have legitimately chucked it across the room.

This book was so good, SM Gaither went all out for this finale and it fucking works. Jesse Vilinsky once again just completely knocks it out the park. SM Gaither wrote highly realistic and relatable characters, and Jesse Vilinksky absolutely brought them to life.”

What books did you read last month? Let me know in the comments! 


2 thoughts on “Nov’20 Wrap Up

  1. Wow you had a lot of great reads this month!

    I’m actually reading ‘From Blood and Ash’ right now and I was interested interested in ‘White Raven’ at one point.

    I hope December is a great reading month for you and that you can read a few more physical books:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OOOO Yes! FBAA is amazing, I really hope you enjoy it! Feel free to tell me your thoughts lol
      I’m all for having people form their own opinions about books, but tbh, I don’t think White Raven is worthwhile to pick up.
      We’re 2 full days into the month, and so far the two books I’ve finished have been excellent and this third one I’m listening to is pretty good, so I’m hopeful! Work should die down a bit next week, and we have days off around the holidays, so my fingers are crossed!

      Liked by 1 person

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